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8 Best Things to Do in Rishikesh India

{GUEST BLOG Manmohan Singh} Rishikesh is that wonder place where beauty in nature meets godliness and fabulous adventure.

The arterial source of life and sustenance in Northern India, River Ganges, springs forth from the Himalayan highs to enter the plains here. The stormy waters lashing and frothing with life, cutting its way through the mountains is a grand sight to behold. Serene green forested hills surrounding the river’s course, homing multitudes of birds and beasts, luring those wild of heart to tread it’s quiet nature trails. The streets of the old town team with myriad offbeat folks- saffron robes, dreadlocks and pop color clothes, cross-border traveler living out of a backpack- it’s a world of fascination out there. Each day here dawns with the auspicious chant of “Aum”, reverberating from the yogic learning centers that the town is renowned for. Rishikesh is where all journeys begin. There is nothing here that is not about ‘self-searching’. There is nothing here that is not ‘spiritual’

Here are eight best things to do for anyone visiting this unreal town:

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