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Yes! I booked a cheap ticket to Asia

I booked my ticket today, with some butterfly’s in my stomach! Now its real, i’ll go, one way ticket to Beijing (Peking) Asia. Ik booked with the Skyscanner app for a nice price so i’m real happy.

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Airbnb Kuala Lumpur
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Rent Airbnb apartment in Kuala Lumpur

In Kuala Lumpur I met a friend from Holland we decided to book a nice apartment in Kuala Lumpur by Airbnb. We searched on Airbnb for a apartment in Kuala Lumpur and found several but the best was an apartment with infinity pool!

That was the apartment in Kuala Lumpur we booked by Airbnb. “Exclusive Stay #2 at Regalia KL “. The response time was awesome. The owner (with badge superhost) reacts on every question in an hour. The first night we visited the mini market in the buiding and cooked a quick simple meal ourself.

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