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8 Best Things to Do in Rishikesh India

{GUEST BLOG Manmohan Singh} Rishikesh is that wonder place where beauty in nature meets godliness and fabulous adventure.

The arterial source of life and sustenance in Northern India, River Ganges, springs forth from the Himalayan highs to enter the plains here. The stormy waters lashing and frothing with life, cutting its way through the mountains is a grand sight to behold. Serene green forested hills surrounding the river’s course, homing multitudes of birds and beasts, luring those wild of heart to tread it’s quiet nature trails. The streets of the old town team with myriad offbeat folks- saffron robes, dreadlocks and pop color clothes, cross-border traveler living out of a backpack- it’s a world of fascination out there. Each day here dawns with the auspicious chant of “Aum”, reverberating from the yogic learning centers that the town is renowned for. Rishikesh is where all journeys begin. There is nothing here that is not about ‘self-searching’. There is nothing here that is not ‘spiritual’

Here are eight best things to do for anyone visiting this unreal town:

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Ultimate hotspot guide Asia
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Ultimate Asia Hotspot List

Looking for amazing hotspots in Asia? See this video and decide what you want to read! I made an easy list for all the places in the video and linked them. Enjoy and have a great trip! If you have tips for other travellers please help each other and leave them in the comments!

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5 reasons travel Sri Lanka
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5 reasons why you should travel to Sri Lanka

{GUESTBLOG} During the last few years after the civil war has ended, Sri Lanka became one of the must sees on the modern travel bucket lists. That may seem to surprise a few people, as many might think it’s just like India but there are a few reasons why you shouldn’t skip this little island.

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Travel Transport in Nepal
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Travel Transport in Nepal

{GUESTBLOG} Travel Transport in Nepal. After traveling Nepal for more than four months in the last two years, I’m no longer surprised of all the chaos in the public transport in Nepal. Instead, I can see its charm and enjoy the insight you get from the country while sitting on a bus. But to be in the Nepali traffic for the first time and to get to know how the transport works is a bit of a mystery. In this post, I will give you a guide on how to use local transport and what to expect of it. Let me begin telling you that you must not expect any luxury, be open to an adventure; because that’s what public transport is in Nepal; one big adventure.

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shuttle bus airport bangkok
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Free shuttle bus Bangkok airport

You want to go from Suvarnabhumi airport (BKK) in Bangkok to Don Muaeng airport (DMK)? The cheapest option is the shuttlebus. They will ride between the two airports from 5.00 am till 24.00.

In times there can be traffic jam they will go every 12 minutes. Otherwise they will go every 30 minutes.

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How to live in Asia
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Five Tips for Happily Living in Asia

If you’re planning on moving abroad, whether for the long term or the short term, you might find yourself drawn to Asia, where the cost of living is generally pretty cheap and jobs for English speakers tend to pay pretty well. However, if you’re headed to Asia from the West, you’ll find that there are differences in everything from food and etiquette to real estate and business. It can be challenging to get into the rhythm of the place you’ve chosen as your new home, but it’s infinitely rewarding to find yourself feeling comfortable in a place that once felt so foreign. Here are five tips to smooth your transition:

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Facebook travel groups
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Power of Facebook Travel groups

In this blogpost I’ll show you some cases with the power of Facebook Travel groups. Start join groups today and let the information and inspiration come to you. Sometimes a question can save a life!

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