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Bus from Phnom Penh to Ho Chi Minh

I stayed at the Mad Monkey Hostel in Phnom Penh and booked my ticket over there. There where 3 options to of busses. Local bus ($13), an touringcar($18) and a minivan($15). I took the touringcar with wifi and comfortable seats. It was leaving at 7 o’clock in the morning. (little bit hard after a good beerpong play in the Mad Monkey bar)

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Best motorbike route Vietnam
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Best motorbike route Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Trail (Highway)

Map of the route I advise after my experience riding a motorbike in Vietnam. This route is going on the Ho Chi Minh Highway to Hanoi HCMH. Of course you can go to the coast and see the sea. Yes do it for the relaxing days but try to avoid the A1 Highway. It is more dangerous to ride there and less more beautiful. You can do the route also the opposite way. I think that is maybe better, you’ll ride to the nice weather istead of going to cold rainy Hanoi.

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How buy motorbike Vietnam
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How to buy a motorbike Vietnam

Buy a motorbike in Hanoi / Buy a motorbike in Ho Chi Minh?

When you’re not a mechanic it is hard to get the right motorbike in Vietnam. in this article I want to give you some information how to buy a motorbike in Vietnam.

Where can you buy a motorbike in Vietnam?

The easiest places to buy and sell your motorbike are Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi. Because a lot of backpackers/travelers do the Ho Chi Ming Trail from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh or visa versa. In Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi you can get to District one and buy or sell your bike over there.

What do you need to know before you buy a motorbike in Vietnam?

Riding in the city’s and on the A1 highway is difficult but when you’re on the Ho Chi Ming Highway/ Trail it is easy riding. Always be focussed because the trucks and busses can driving on the wromg side of the road. But when you like riding a motorbike it is one of the best things you can do in Vietnam. But still when you know were you’re looking for it is a gable to pick the right bike. When you never drove a motorbike before take a lesson from a friend of colleague at the hostel.

Bought my motorbike in Vietnam

What to look do when you but your motorbike in Vietnam

  • Bluecard (framenumber, numberplate owner licence)
  • Tires (good profile)
  • No oil leak
  • Lights working? (Headlight, backlight, brakelight)
  • Indicators working? (Front and back?)
  • Motor sounds and runs oke? Even in nutral
  • No cheap repears visable
  • Is the rack sturdy enough
  • Are the handlebars stable
  • Are breakes working properly
  • How does the bike gear
  • Is the frame stable
  • How are the springs?
  • Make sure the chain is tight

Do the testdrive on the motorbike and check the list above. When you have other good tips about riding a motorbike in Vietnam write them in the comments.

I hope you’ve a good experience riding your bike in Vietnam!



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Easy riders vietnam
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Easy riders Vietnam motorbike rides

When you don’t want to buy your own motorbike but still want to ride a motorbike in Vietnam the Easyriders is a nice option. It is a organized tour trough Vietnam From one till as many days you want.

Easy-rider journeys are charged from $75 per day per person inclusive of bike/rider, fuel, accommodation, entrance fees and permits. You need only think about your food and drink. Thats easy riding in Vietnam right?

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Topgear vietnam motorbikes
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Topgear Vietnam Roadtrip Motorbikes

Watch here all the eposides of the Topgear Vietnam Roadtrip on Motorbikes. When the video ends the next eposide will show up. You only have to click on the link in the video.

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Kitesurfing school Mui Ne
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Kitesurfing lesson Vietnam Kiteboarding School Muine

Kitesurfschool Mui Ne Vietnam

Kitesurfschool Mui Ne Vietnam

Do you want to learn, kitesurfing in Vietnam? I think Mui Ne is a great spot to do it. I had 7 hours of kitesurfing in Mui Ne. After the 7 hours of kite surf lessons I could stand on the board!

The instructors of the Vietnam Kite Boarding school speak English, Russian, Spanish and German and of course Vietnamese! My Instructor was Ramon a Spanish kite surf instructor who speaks good English. He makes jokes but when it is necessary to be serious than he is.

Kitesurfing lessons Mui Ne Vietnam

Kitesurfschool Mui Ne Vietnam

Kitesurfschool Mui Ne Vietnam

The lessons starts with theory, safety and practice on the beach after that you’ll go into the water with the instructor to practice the theory. When you can do that you go alone for practice. And finally you’ll go with the board.

Learn to kitesurf in steps

  • Theory of kitesurfing on the beach
  • Safety by Kitesurfing
  • Fly a small kite on the beach
  • How to launch the kite
  • How to land the kite
  • Go in the water with the kitesurfing instructor
  • Go in the water and practice body dragging yourself on low power
  • Go in the water and practice controlling the kite yourself on low power
  • Go in the water and practice body dragging with the board yourself on low power
  • Go in the water and practice controlling the kite yourself on high power
  • On the beach how to stand on your kiteboard
  • Practice how to stand on your board in the water.


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