Driving Gibb river road
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Driving the Gibb River Road

A very nice route we did was the Gibb River Road. The Gibb River Road brings you from Derby to Wyndham through the Kimberly’s. Our route was from Derby to Halls Creek so we could go down to Alice Springs. This route is 700 km long and the most of the Gibb River Road is offroad. The visitor guides and online fora says that the Gibb River Road is one of Australia’s most unique 4WD challenges*.

Driving Gibb river road

Roadconditions of the Gibb River Road

When you want to do the Gibb River Road always ask the last updates of the roadconditions. You can call the visitor centre of Derby and Wyndham for the last updates. Tip, call before you are enter the Gibb River Road. We didn’t have a snorkle on our 4WD car but in some parts of the year you need the snorkle to get through the floodways. There are many cars on the Gibb river road that didn’t made it.

Driving Gibb river road

Driving tips Gibb River Road

  • Always use your headlights
  • Maximum speed limit 80km per hour
  • Caution at all river crossings
  • Be self sufficiënt
  • In case of emergency, stay at your vehicle
  • Take all your rubbish with you

Hikes and Waterfalls along the Gibb River Road

Along the Gibb River Road you can find some stunning hikes and waterfalls. We did two hikes, at one hike we only could see the waterfall from a viewpoint. (Lennard Gorge) At the second and most impressive one we could also take a swim! (Bell George) When you want to take unique pictures and swim alone come early because also touroperators are going there. For visiting the park where the Bell George is you pay 12 dollars a vehicle.

Bell Gorge

Camping Gibb River Road

We found several free campingspots and added one on Wikicamps! Stunning place on 500 mtr from the waterfall. (Barnet River Gorge) on this moment along the Gibb River Road are 16 free campspots/ restareas.

Barnet river gorge

Gasstations Gibb River Road

We had 40 liter of petrol in our trunk just in case we needed some. There are two gasstations on the Gibb River Road. Note: one sells only diesel. The second one we paid 2.15 for a liter. But when you can do the Gibb River Road it is just worth it!

Offroad in Australia

If you like offroad riding check also the Tanami road! Love to camp on awesome spots?  Check the top 10 campingspots in Australia.

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