Flow house Bangkok
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Flow House Bangkok

When you want something else in Bangkok you can go surfing at the Flow House. I did and it is a great thing to do. When you’re a little sportive than you’ll have a great time!

Flow house Bangkok bodyboard

You will start on a bodyboard. That is good to do. Just do it, watch the other people for a sec and you’ll see how they do it. Some little kids are playing around like professionals. Just start at the beginning and do it on your own speed. Those kids are there everyday I think šŸ™‚

Surfing Flow House Bangkok

After the ride with the bodyboard you can try a little surfingboard. It is good to hold the rope to practise. It gives you more stabillity on your surfboard. After a while de instructor will give you some advice. When you dont hear it because of the noise, just ask him again when you droped off the plank. Dont be shy, the advice is a faster way to learn. And everytime falling isnt that fun. (in won’t hurt)

Costs and promotions Flow house Bangkok

Normaly is is 750 baht per hour But when you’re a student of girl you can get discount easy. For example two rides for one! Always good. You can also go with a friend and split the bill more fun for less money. The Flow House Bangkok has several promotions on their website. Just visit the website of Flow House Bangkok and look whats the best for you.

My ride at the Flow House Bangkok

I did a two hour run and could surf on the wave trying to do some 360’s. (I’ve some snowboard experiance and that helps)

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