Ebike Pagodas Bagan
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See pagoda’s Bagan – Rent an E-bike

One of ways to see the pagoda’s in Bagan is to rent an E-bike in Bagan. You can see a lot of pagoda’s and it is fun to do. The best things is that you don’t have to do anything and the wind makes the ride a little cooler.

Price to rent an E-bike in Bagan

Almost all the shops and hotel in Bagan offer the same E-bikes. The smaller E-bikes are 6000 MMK ($6) and the bigger E-bikes are 8000 MMK ($8) a day.

Ebike Pagodas Bagan

Where to go with your E-bikes in Bagan

You can always ask the shop owner where to go and they will explain you. I used the offline map Maps.me. You can set points where you want to go. So we figured out which places we wanted to see and pointed them on the map.

Another option is just go and do the loop of the two main streets from Nyaug U to Old Bagan. You’ll see a lot of temples and you can just go there 🙂

What did we do with our rented E-bikes in Bagan

We saw the sunset at one of the pagoda’s it is amazing! You can see the sun coming up and with the hot air balloons in Bagan makes it even more beautiful. After the sunrise we drove back for breakfast at 7.00. After breakfast we did the loop and saw different pagoda’s at 12.00 it started to be really hot so we went back to the hotel for a lunch and siesta. At 16.30 we get on the Ebike again to see sunset at one of the pagodas.

Video of the E-bike tour in Bagan

Rent a horse and carriage in Bagan

Another nice option is to transport by horse to the temples. This romantic ride will take you to the temples the whole day. To rent the horse and carriage in Bagan is around 25.000 MMK ($25) and will start at 9.00 till sunset, around 18.00.

Ebike Pagodas Bagan

Souvenirs in Bagan

When you want to buy souvenirs in Bagan you can shop at every temple. Don’t forget to bargain. When you arrive early at a shop they always say buy at my shop I need lucky money. (the first sale of the day brings luck for the Burmese people). You can buy sand paintings little buddha statutes and a lot more.

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