Cycling Italian coast
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Hard stage, steep hills

Update #tourdupisa:Yesterday i ate in Chinatown, first a portion noodles with fish or something what looks like fish and four spring rolls. I missed some real meat and order some chicken or another time something that looks like chicken. Maybe little nasty for my (dorm) room mates but ive slept real good. You’re on holiday when you forget the time day etc. so im on holiday now. I forgot that i should go today, so i packed my bag and leave Milano 🙂 On my way to Genua, I would write something nice here but i don’t have much energy left: 165 km today, 15km uphill, hostel on sea level was full so i had to climb another 3km with 10% steepness. Mett some English guys today that was nice. And for the lady’s i made a picture from the nicest Italian ass i could find. Ciao!

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