Motorbike Trip Vietnam
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Motorbike trip Vietnam

Motorbike trip Vietnam in mind? For four weeks my friend Rens from (Tallguytravelling) has been riding a motorbike through Vietnam. Crossing the country from Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi and the loop in the stunning Ha Giang region. His trip was 3748km of fun, adventure, a sore ass and incredible scenery! If you are ever planning to visit Vietnam make sure to travel (at least some parts) by motorbike.

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Simple things that can safe your life while traveling
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Simple things can safe your life while traveling (and after)

Life is awesome right? If you want to get the most out of life you take care of yourself.

For a lot of us, traveling is getting out of our comfort zone and seeking for adventure. Discovering new cultures, food and stunning places is what we strive for. Parents, friends and family always ask if its safe to travel that certain country we go and say when you board the plane, take care of yourself. But do you really do?

Some of the dangerous parts of traveling can only be seen years after. Read below and if you have simple tips to help others write it in the comments.

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Cycling Italian coast
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How I started solo traveling

Today exactly 5 years ago I started my solo travel adventures, it all started with the #TourduPisa. Till this date I still have the picture of that trip as the background of my phone. It motivates me every day to get the most out of it.

On a Saturday night I was with some friends having a drink and chatting. Were discussed our Holidays, and I didn’t had booked mine yet. Three couples would meet up close to Pisa (Italy) for a week at the beach. With my crazy head I said I will cycle there… their reaction.. Sure..

I love cycling but on that moment I only had an Amsterdam City bike what looks like the one below. This simple bicycle brought me to the train station, pub and supermarket. That was also the only cycling training what I’d done. The next morning I decided to buy a Cortina touring bicycle on, not a crazy expensive one but after some research I trusted it was a decent bike.

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8 Best Things to Do in Rishikesh India

{GUEST BLOG Manmohan Singh} Rishikesh is that wonder place where beauty in nature meets godliness and fabulous adventure.

The arterial source of life and sustenance in Northern India, River Ganges, springs forth from the Himalayan highs to enter the plains here. The stormy waters lashing and frothing with life, cutting its way through the mountains is a grand sight to behold. Serene green forested hills surrounding the river’s course, homing multitudes of birds and beasts, luring those wild of heart to tread it’s quiet nature trails. The streets of the old town team with myriad offbeat folks- saffron robes, dreadlocks and pop color clothes, cross-border traveler living out of a backpack- it’s a world of fascination out there. Each day here dawns with the auspicious chant of “Aum”, reverberating from the yogic learning centers that the town is renowned for. Rishikesh is where all journeys begin. There is nothing here that is not about ‘self-searching’. There is nothing here that is not ‘spiritual’

Here are eight best things to do for anyone visiting this unreal town:

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Desert Tour in Morocco
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Desert Tour in Morocco

Feeling like Aladdin during my Desert Tour in Morocco

{GUESTBLOG EWOUD & MIREILLE} Are you thinking of booking a Desert Tour Morocco? Mireille described her experience in the desert of Morocco riding camels, sleeping in special tents and the original food. Read her story and decide if you want to go!

Well I was sitting, waiting, wishing.. ok obviously I am starting this post with one top notch song, but during the awesome desert tour I booked in Morocco, I really found myself sitting on a camel, waiting and wishing I would find the oasis of gold I was dreaming of.

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Ultimate hotspot guide Asia
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Ultimate Asia Hotspot List

Looking for amazing hotspots in Asia? See this video and decide what you want to read! I made an easy list for all the places in the video and linked them. Enjoy and have a great trip! If you have tips for other travellers please help each other and leave them in the comments!

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Cycling South America
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How cycling through South America changed my life

{GUESTPOST} Written by Freddy Gomes – In December of 2016 I started the journey of a lifetime. After spending a few months in Rio de Janeiro I was ready to cross the South American continent, all the way to Quito in Ecuador. I’d bought a bicyclefor $ 80, and knew it was going to be an enormous challenge because I was traveling without money.

$80 bicycle, 75 days, cycling 3200KM through 5 countries in South America. 

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