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Discover Hong Kong

It’s not just another tourist activity; it’s an educational experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Hong Kong, a city famed for its dazzling skyline, diverse culinary scene and vibrant streets, has a less-known, contrasting side that often escapes the typical tourist itinerary. I recently discovered, “The Dark Side of Hong Kong” tour which offered an eye-opening perspective on the city’s underlying challenges. This tour, unlike any other, peeled back the layers of Hong Kong’s glamorous surface to reveal a reality that’s often hidden from the usual visitor’s view. The tour is a 2 to 2.5-hour journey what shows you another side of Hong Kong.

Exploring Local Markets

Our itinerary included visits to the traditional Goldfish Market, Flower Market and Bird Market. Here we learned more in dept about their history and how they do business nowadays. These markets, surviving under Hong Kong’s high real estate prices, offered a glimpse into how traditional trades coexist with modern capitalism. Each market visit, lasting about 15 to 20 minutes, was an insight into the resilient spirit of Hong Kong’s local businesses. Beside fun facts our guide gave us some examples and numbers, I can tell; I was flabbergasted with the numbers!



Addressing Public Health Concerns

At the Bird Market, we saw Hong Kong’s last remaining traditional birdcage maker at work before we delved into the concerns surrounding bird flu (also known as avian influenza or H5N1) and its impact on the business and public health. The discussion here revolved around the future of traditional markets and the measures implemented to prevent disease spread, highlighting the city’s ongoing battle with public health challenges.

Birdcage maker Hong Kong

Hong Kong Housing Market’s Complexities

The visit to the Boundary Street Sports Centre shed light on why Hong Kong is one of the least affordable housing markets in the world. The conversation here centered around the high property prices and limited space availability, posing the question of whether this issue is solvable under the current circumstances.

Sportsground Hong Kong

Taxation and Urban Development

On Portland Street, we traced the city’s evolution from tenement houses to skyscrapers. The discussion here focused on how Hong Kong maintains a significantly low tax rate through land sales, providing insights into the city’s economic strategies and urban development.

A Glimpse into Subdivided Living

One of the tour’s most striking features was the visit to a subdivided unit in Prince Edward on Cedar Street. Witnessing how a family of four manages to live in a space less than 100 square feet was both humbling and shocking. But also mentioning the cage homes and showing example and tell us about the numbers of this existing problem. With this real experience the tour vividly illustrated the severity of Hong Kong’s housing crisis.

Subdivided houses Hong Kong


Go to parts you normally won’t see!

This tour really opened my eyes to parts of Hong Kong that most people don’t see. It made me think about the city and taught me a lot. The guide spoke clear English, which helped me and everyone else understand everything better. We could ask questions anytime, which was great. This tour was more than just a regular trip; it showed me a whole new side of Hong Kong.

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