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Free Walking Tour Hong Kong

Hong Kong was always on my list to visit! Now I’m here and ready to explore and learn more about the city, history and hotspots! One of the best ways to do, is the free walking tour in Hong Kong.

The tour began at 11:00 AM, right outside the Central MTR Station, where our enthusiastic guide greeted us. This tour, which runs on tips only, promised a comprehensive 2.5-hour journey through Hong Kong’s history, culture, and modern-day dynamics. We did our tour on Sunday, which is the day Philippine ladies (mostly maids & nannies) come together to eat and drink on the streets around Central station.

History of Hong Kong

Free Walking TourguideWe started our tour at the Court of Final Appeal, an important place that shows how Hong Kong has changed over time. Here, we learned about big changes in Hong Kong’s government, laws, and economy as it moved from being under British control to being part of China. Seeing the differences between the old British rule and today’s Chinese rule really showed us how much Hong Kong has changed and helped us start to understand its complicated history.

As we moved on our free walking tour the guide told us interesting stories about Hong Kong’s history. We heard about the Opium War, an important event that really affected Hong Kong’s path. Then, we learned about when Hong Kong was handed back to China after being leased to Britain for 99 years. These stories were not only interesting but also helped us see the many events that have made Hong Kong what it is now.

Our guide also talked about how Hong Kong’s culture is rich and diverse because of people coming from different places over the years. We got to know about the different groups of people who brought their own ways and traditions to Hong Kong, making it a special place. This mixing of different cultures and histories is a big part of what makes Hong Kong unique, showing us all the different things that have shaped the way people live and their culture in the city.

Statue Square & HSBC Headquarters

At Statue Square & HSBC Headquarters, we were captivated by stories of ancient clashes between Eastern and Western cultures, including a fascinating ghost story. This site, a melting pot of cultural influences, illustrated the dynamic history of Hong Kong. We delved into the history of Hong Kong as a global financial center. The architectural battle between China and HSBC, evident in their structures, was a highlight, demonstrating the city’s significance in international trading and finance.

Hong Kong Bank Fight

What I love about these tours is the little insights: for example what do the lions mean in front of the bank building. Not something I would look into myself but fun facts to know while walking around.

Hong Kong HSBC Lions

St. John’s Cathedral & The Man Mo Temple

St. John’s Cathedral, the city’s oldest church, provided a serene contrast to the bustling streets. (see the picture at the top of the page) Its Gothic Revival style stood as a testament to the diverse religious practices in Hong Kong. The other religious place we visited was the Man Mo Temple here. We observed traditional religious practices, including incense offerings and fortune-telling.

Hong Kong Central Temple

Michelin Guide Restaurant & Escalators

The Central-Mid-Levels Escalators, the world’s longest outdoor escalator system, offered a unique perspective on the city’s urban planning and ingenuity. All the vibrant pubs and restaurants near the escalator give a good indicator of all cultures melting together in one city. Our guide also showed the Michelin rewarded wonton noodles restaurant and the traditional noodle restaurant. In the evening we went back by ourselves to try the Michelin noodles for only 40 HKD! The flavors and textures of these traditional dishes were delicious. We tried the tiger prawn Wontons.

Central–Mid-Levels escalator

The Impact of Feng Shui

One of the most fascinating aspects of the tour was learning about Feng Shui and its influence on Hong Kong’s daily life and architecture. The city’s layout and building designs are deeply rooted in this ancient practice, aimed at harmonizing individuals with their surrounding environment.

The British Influence & the Peak Tram

We also learned about the lasting impact of British colonization, evident in the historic tram to The Peak and the city’s trading relationships. The stories of the Opium Wars and the subsequent treaties shaped much of Hong Kong’s modern history.

Do the Free Walking Tour in Hong Kong!

This free walking tour of Hong Kong is not just a stroll through the city; it’s an immersive experience into the heart and soul of this extraordinary place. For anyone looking to understand the essence of Hong Kong, this free walking tour is an absolute must!

Get more info about the FREE Hong Kong walking tour here.

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