Benefits guestblog

Benefits of writing guestblogs

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When you have a travelblog or an other blog it is good to promote your blog all over the internet. When you believe you’re writing good content it is nice to share it to the world!

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Why write guestblogs?

When you write a guestblog on a relevant website you can get a link in a relevant article to your website and social media. You can get linkvalue from other good websites ánd send more people to your website as well.

Benefits of guestblogging

  • Generate quality, targeted traffic to your website.
  • Linkbuilding: high quality links to your website
  • Expand your reach and fan base.
  • Social Media groth
  • Networking opportunities
  • Build your online influence
  • Improve your writing
  • Get more guestblog offers!

What is linkbuilding?

Benefits of writing guestblogsLinkbuilding is all about high value links to your website and articles. Googles is getting smarter and smarter. Just links from your friends website’s doesn’t work anymore. The issue about linkbuilding is that the links have to be from another good website that is writing about the same subjects as you do. For example traveling. When you get links in an article that is relevant to your content on your website. That helps you score higher in search engines! Keep in mind building a network of high quality links is a long term strategy. See more tips, SEO for travelbloggers.

Don’t be a random blogger, be a star!

When the editor respons positive on your question to guestblog. Rock it! Make the guestblog perfect fit. Write a blogpost so great the publisher would be stupid to decline.

Smart to keep in mind:

Write the best post you’ve ever done

This is your chance! Never send your second best work. Brainstorm, research and make the blogpost the best you ever made. Than edit, edit, read it loud and edit.

Make it publication ready

Followup the blog’s guideline for guestblogging. Make it for the editor easy as possible. So he doesn’t has any problems to publish your content. Structure the post with headlines, subtitles, list, paragraphs, images, images sources, your small author bio and photo.

Offer more ideas

When you have more ideas to blog about you can tell the editor. Look in the website for subjects you can write about. Give the editor a list of headlines he can’t reject.

What if your guestblog is published

Congratulations! This is an awesome moment, more exposure on short and long term. You can do more to promote yourself, your blogpost and your website.

Promote your blogpost

Share your blogpost on social media on the right time. Mention people or organizations you’ve written about.

Participate in discussions

Always stay in contact with your audience. This is an option to build your network and to improve your blogpost. Respond quickly on questions.

Network and followup

Get in touch with your editors. Ask how the blogpost performed. Follow them on social media and add them on Linkedin. Build a relationship with hem. You never know in the future what they can do for you.

Promote yourself the right way

One of the main things were its about, promote yourself.

Write a stunning bio

Often your author bio will be at the bottom of the blogpost. Use your bio to promote your strengths, include links to social media profiles, and of course, a link to your blog.

Create backlinks

Not to much! In your guestblog you can create a number off links to other relevant sites thats fits to your story.

Add more resources

If you’ve more content (can be your own) to offer what fits to the subject? Think about webinars, E-books, wiki pages, infographics and more. If it supports your story and helps the audience add this content to your blogpost.

Create a showcase on your website

Did you write more guest articles, make a list of them. Probably you’re writing about a certain subject. When you publish a list you can show other publishers your subject expertise.

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