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Travelblogs can have different goals. Some will give clear information where other give you the best deals. Make sure you know your goals and create a strategy to reach that goals.

Search engine optimization travelblog

Search engine optimization for your travelblog is one of those parts in the strategy. The best thing about search engine optimization (SEO) is that SEO is a long term strategy. When you do it the right way. You’ll be found by te users of the search engines on subjects you want!

Define keywords

When you’re writing an article always try to think how your target group try to find something. Where do they look for. What kind of keywords do they use in the search engines? Try to figure out how you target group thinks so you can bring them to your website.

Long-tail keywords

When you’re defining your keywords you can go for normal keywords like. “Hotel Amsterdam” but probably a lot of people will target their website on Hotel Amsterdam. So what you can do is use a long-tail keywords. Cheap Hotel Amsterdam or Designer Hotel Amsterdam etc.

Competition keywords

An important thing about keywords is the competition. For example.

Example one
1000 websites are showing op on “Hotel Amsterdam” and 1000 people are searching for “Hotel Amsterdam” a month.

Example two
10 websites are showing up on “Designer Hotel Amsterdam” and 500 people are searching for “Designer Hotel Amsterdam” a month.

When you represent a designer hotel it is better to use the long-tail keywords because there is less competition. Yes also less people who are looking for it. But in ratio still more chance to get more people to your website.

Little video lesson

In-Page search optimization travelblog

In the most content management systems you can give some extra information like title keyword and slug. You can add your keywords here as well.

Use your defined keyword till the max

When you’re writing a new travel blogpost make sure you use the keyword you defined in advance. Write your text around it and use the keyword. But keep focus on your visitors. They have to read the text!

Text on the webpage

On every page it has to be clear what people can get. Is it information, is it a deal or whatever. Make sure that people see what they are looking for in 2 seconds. You’ve

Optimize titles (max. 65 characters)

In the most content management systems (CMS) you can fill in the title. Make sure you use your keyword there and if it is possible use the keyword in front of the title.

For example: Designer Hotel Amsterdam – City center

Slug / URL optimization

Often you see on websites with a unreadable URL. In a lot of CMS you can adjust the url/slug. Do it, use your keywords so you’re building your page around your defined keyword.

Bad example:

Good example

Description optimization (150/160 characters)

Also in the most good CMS you can create a description. The most people are using the meta description to decide if they want to visit your page. Use your keyword there again. And make sure people want to click so add a call to action.

SEO travelblogBad example
Our hotel is located in Amsterdam. You can easy book your room on We are looking forward to see you here.

Good example
Our Designer hotel in Amsterdam is located in the city center. You can book easy on this webpage. Click here to see the prices!

On-page search engine optimization

In the content itself you can add the keywords as well. When you’re following all these steps you’ll be higher in Google.

Optimize text for search engines

Important is to optimize your text for the search engines. Do it in a fear way. Don’t exaggerate with the keywords but use them normal.

Optimize text titles on the webpage

On te webpage you’ll have some headings. These heading you can use to add your keywords again. The headings are H1, H2 till H6. H1 is the most important and H6 the less important heading.

Bad example
Welkom to our website!

Good example
Designer Hotel in Amsterdam City center

Optimize Images

When you add images to your webpage it is important optimize them as well. You have to do two things. Optimize the file name and optimize the alt tags when you’re adding the images on your website.

Bad example

Good example
alt=”Designer hotel Amsterdam”

Optimize links

There are two different links in a website. Internal links and External links. Both of them you can optimize. You’ve to use a title for those links. For example use the title in your links like: title=”Designer hotel Amsterdam”.

When you don’t want to give another website extra SEO points. You can add a nofollow. Add rel=“nofollow” to your link. See here a explanation about nofollow.

Intern linking

I already told you about intern linking. Now I’ll explain a little more. For example when you’re making a post about a country you have some text about hotels, transport and more. Maybe you wrote already about hotels and transport in that specific country. You can add internal links in your new blogpost to your existing content. So people can easy navigate through your website and the search engine sees that you’re helping the people with additional content.

The combination

It is important to use all of the suggestions above. Use the same keywords on the places you’ve to. When you use to much keywords Google will give you a penalty so take care.


Linkbuilding is a hard proces. You’ve to get links on many qualitative websites with your subject. When you’re on the website of the bakery around the corner when you’ve a travelblog it won’t help you with your ranking. But when you have a travelblog and a travel agency is writing about you that helps! So try to find the best websites to get a link and try to get on it.

The best way to link build.

If you want to have lots of good links the best thing to do is writing qualitative content. When people like your content they automatically link to your website and share it on social media.

Check your competition

On which websites are your competitors? Make a list from the links and try to get links as well.

Perfect CMS for search engine optimization

WordPress is one of the best content management systems for search engine optimization. You can install some plugins what will help you to optimize your site to the max! With the right plugins everybody can do the basics of search engine optimization!

The technic behind the website

The content is one of the important issues when you want to optimize your website. The technique behind the website is also important when you want to have a good ranking in the search engines.

Is your website fast enough?
Is it using the right techniques?
At the end can the website score better?

Seach engine check for your website!

I can check your website on several points and give you advise about your website and search engine optimization. Please contact me on the contactform.

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