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Airbnb in Philippines

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When you want to travel with Airbnb in Philippines you can go to bigger city’s like Manila but you can also find houses in little villages. In Philippines you can find a lot of places where you can stay with Airbnb but have in mind Airbnb is upcoming in Indonesia. Advantage of Airbnb is that you can rent nice villas, houses, apartments and share them with traveling friends. When you’re going with a couple of friends you can book real nice houses in Philippines. Stay there a week or so and have a great time!

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Airbnb coupon code

Example Airbnb treehouse in the Philippines (14 euro)

Airbnb Philippines

Middle class Airbnb Philippines (30 euro)

Airbnb Philippines

This is a nice Airbnb apartment in the Philippines with Seaview

Wow factor Airbnb Philippines (2478 euro)

Airbnb Philippines

When you have to much money you can rent this private holiday villa in Philippines. (7 persons)

Find your place with Airbnb in Philippines

Airbnb Philippines as a backpacker

Sometimes you need some privacy. Airbnb is a good option to get privacy for a good price. But when you’re looking for normal dorm rooms or hostels other sites like hostelworld and hostelbookers are less expensive. The reason is thats Airbnb has a limit for the price. The hostels cant go lower than eight euro where other sites don’t have the limit. When you like Airbnb and the personal stay’s in every big city you can get a room for 8 euro.

But just give it a shot, just look and maybe you’ll find a nice place!

Airbnb coupon code

$40 coupon for Airbnb in Philippines

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Airbnb or hotel in the Philippines 

The main reason I use airbnb so often is that you’re in the real local areas. The most apartments have great facilities like you’ve at home as well. Like free wifi, big fridge a kitchen a lounge / living room. So when you want to have the comfort of a home for the price of a hotel room. Try Airbnb! What I like too, is that most hosts are willing to give you the unique and local tips from the neighbourhood you’re staying in and not only end up between other tourists with lonely planets in their hand.

My travels with Airbnb

My first trip with Airbnb was to Budapest with two friends. We had a great apartment in the city centre for only 17.50 per person a night. It was a beautiful light Airbnb apartment with two king size beds, large kitchen and modern bathroom. I was sold to the Airbnb community! The host arranged a local taxi pickup from the airport for us what costs us two ways only 20 euro!

After this first stay I have been to over 70 Airbnb apartments in Europa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand and still a super fan of using Airbnb.

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Airbnb coupon code