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Hire me

I’m looking for a job in Australia!
The 19th of March 2016 I’ll arrive in Melbourne and I will start working (at least) the first three months I’m in Australia. When I saved some money I want to buy a car and go on a big adventure ride in Australia. I don’t really care what kind of work I’ve to do. From farm work till the work I studied for and everything in between!

If you have a job contact me please!

Who I am?

I’m Paul Ram (30) a freelance online marketeer, SEO specialist and WordPress developer from Amsterdam who loves to cycle and go on adventures. My next adventure will be Australia!

What did I do before?

Study: Bachelor Interactive Media (Hogeschool Amsterdam)

10 years of freelance experience

During my study I was already busy to setup my freelance business. When I left school I was a freelance WordPress developer. I added several services to my business so I could help entrepreneurs with the full pack of online benefits.

Some awesome clients: Discovery Benelux, Dutch Chamber of commerce, Qualified People and TODD Reclamestal. But I changed the way I worked, I want to help smalle entrepreneurs. Not make one account manager happy.

So I decided to focus on the smaller businesses to help them out with online strategies, websites, search engine optimization and social media. Last four months I worked as freelance marketing manager for TODD Reclamestal (todd.nl) We created a huge online buzz around the new name website and services. So much that we had to hire extra people to get our business done!

Me as a person

I’am an easy going and open minded guy and I love to help people! That is also the reason I started my personal blog. Give other (starting) travelers valuable information while traveling. (Gobackpackgo.com)

Do you got a job for me? 😀

Please send me an email, whatsapp, tweet or Facebook message! 😃
You will not regret hiring me!

When I see chances for you business online I help your business with a good strategy, win win!

Cheers Paul Ram!

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