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One year traveling the world
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One year traveling, the best moments.

This month I’m traveling for 12 months, like 365 days! I always said, I’ll go and see how long it will be. I didn’t had a goal to stay away for long. I just wanted to travel and do want I want to do.

This was my first big backpacktrip and I can say it isn’t my last one. When I think back about the last year it was crazy. Sometimes I scroll my Facebook or Instagram and see all those memories! Sometimes a bad picture still had awesome memories! I learned a lot about myself, the people around me and the world. Nobody can take that from me.

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Cycling in Sweden
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Week two of #TourduEurope

On day ten I cycled out of Copenhagen on my way to Sweden. To come to Sweden you’ve to take the ferry. (Tip: with your bike go through the car checkpoint. Easy and fast!) That will costs around 29 DDK (3.90 euro) It was a nice day with lots of tailwind and could make 110km. My first impression of Sweden was Helsingborg and a few km later I saw the first IKEA. I ended my day in Orkeljunga on a campsite near a little lake.

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Tour du Europe
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Week one #TourduEurope

In one week #TourduEurope: tailwind brought me from the Netherlands to Copenhagen

On day one I had company of my friend Rick. He cycled the first few hours with me till Apeldoorn. He wanted to try my bike so I gave him my bike just before Apeldoorn. There is a nice part uphill 😉

The rest of the day till Bad Bentheim I cycled in a normal pace. The road was not hilly so I made it in little bit more that 6 hours. In total I cycled 140km to my hostel. The evening before I slept only 4 hours so when I arrived I went to bed, to the supermarket and to bed again for a reload of sleep!

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