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Week two of #TourduEurope

On day ten I cycled out of Copenhagen on my way to Sweden. To come to Sweden you’ve to take the ferry. (Tip: with your bike go through the car checkpoint. Easy and fast!) That will costs around 29 DDK (3.90 euro) It was a nice day with lots of tailwind and could make 110km. My first impression of Sweden was Helsingborg and a few km later I saw the first IKEA. I ended my day in Orkeljunga on a campsite near a little lake.

Boat Denkmark Sweden

Day 11 #TourduEurope

The day after I had a “compulsory” restday. It was raining from the morning till 17.00 so I did some administration and took good rest and in the evening I went out for a “good” meal.

Big meal

Day 12 #TourduEurope

My goal this day was to ride 85km and reach Lungby early! I met two guys from Sweden in China and wanted to visit them. I could stay at Martins place and he would like to show me around. His family made Swedish taco’s and we drunk some beer! I slept like a baby!

Stunning road

Day 13 #TourduEurope

I was planned to start at 7 but I waited till the rain was over at 9.00. After that I rode my way up (115km) to Jönköping to set up my tent there. On my way I crossed some mountainbike trails with moose signs! Even climbs with unpaved roads and 12%. The campsite at Jonkopin had a stunning view over the huge lake with the sunset across the lake behind the hills! The supermarket was around the corner so I made a good meal for the evening and morning.

Sunset Jonkopin

Day 14 #TourduEurope

I did my homework with the weather forecast and started early (6.45) to try to stay in front of the rain. The first couple of hours I rode over little but steep climbs. It was even that cold that I had to wear my gloves. After three hours it started raining. Not hard rain but it made me wet. So I dried up in a garage of a farmer. Changed some clothes and started over again with a rain jacket 🙂 After almost 7 hours I supposed to reach my endgoal Linköping but nobody could point me the right direction of a campsite and motel/hostels were 75 euro. So I decided to cycle another two hours to Norrköping there I found a nice place to camp a shower and supermarket to fill up the energy after the 175km stage!

Rainjacket time

Day 15 #TourduEurope

The next day I didn’t set my alarm because I “won” two hours yesterday. I woke up and saw another cyclist (René from Germany) on the campsite and decided to do the first part of the stage together. My navigation showed me a quick route so we could save easy 30km to the next destination. But what we didn’t know that the road wasn’t paved and hilly. The views and the forrest was beautiful but hard to ride 🙂 We also met a cycling couple (Kevin and Linda) from Scotland. They were experienced riders and rode a tour on folding bikes! After lunch René split up and in my mind I thought when it is around 80km till Stockholm I will go to the first camping place. At 82 km before Stockholm there was a camping. I thought that is just 2 km to early I’ll take the next one. But the next one showed up another 37km further! Little mistake. But the views on that campsite were amazing. It was on a little hill with a harbor at one side and a big canal/lake at the other side. I could see from my tent! At 3.20 in the morning it was starting to get light! See the photo below!

View from my tent

Day 16 #TourduEurope

On my way to Stockholm (45km) I had 500 altimeters to kill so it wasn’t a easy ride but with the thoughts of a perfect apartment it was easier to get over that l#$%^& hills.

Trough the mountain

Now I’m staying in an Airbnb apartment with double bed. No alarm for 3 days. Sleep, eat city tour repeat!


Totals after the second week

Kilometer cycled: 1590km
Hours on the bicycle: 77.15 hours/min
Waterbotles: 68
Fastest KM: 54.97

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