Weekend Stockholm Airbnb
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Weekend Stockholm!

Thursday I arrived at 13.00 in Stockholm! I was realy happy to be here. I planned 4 nights in Stockholm so I had 3 full days to relax and recover. My body needed the recovery time. The last week wasn’t the funniest the last month. šŸ˜‰

Weekend Stockholm Airbnb

What I did this weekend Stockholm

I used my bike to do some recovery rides through the city. What is Stockholm a cool city! A lot of water, boats and nature. A lot of people are running cycling or doing other activities. I was lucky with the weather but I think there is still enough to do in Stockholm with other weather. In Stockholm you can find everything. From danceclubs, restaurants to sportclubs. From crowded places to nature, from featured things to history.

Pictures citytour Stockholm

Airbnb Apartment Stockholm

In Stockholm I booked an apartment by Airbnb. It was awesome! Big bed, Big tv, balkony and amazing view over a canal with a lot of boats. Sun on the balkony all day. That was a nice place to wait till my laundry was ready. But the place I was the most was the kitchen! In Sweden the food isn’t cheap so I cooked a lot myself. From the supermarket around the corner I got my ingredients and ate as much as I could! Sweets, fruit, pasta’s, patato salad, quark. Get an $40 Airbnb coupon!

Sports this weekend!

Nice thing this weekend that it was a kind of sports weekend! I saw the Champions League Final, Bradley Wiggens hour record and the Canadian Grand Prix F1. Beside that I did some administration, taxes and rest a lot! I’m hopeful that I will cyclr trough all the four Scandinavia countries so I donated to four new Kiva projects this weekend!

Weekend Stockholm Airbnb

Tomorrow #TourduEurope continious. I try to start early and next weekend I hope to be in Oslo Norway ! (575km)

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