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About me

I’m Paul Ram (30) a freelance online marketeer and WordPress developer from Amsterdam who loves to cycle (TourduPisa & TourduGermany) and go on adventures. In 2013 I made a trip with my bicycle from Amsterdam to Pisa. In 2014 I biked from Amsterdam to Berlin and backpacked in Asia for 6 months.

Now I’m on the biggest adventure in my life. I want to see the world so I booked a ticket to China on 30th of oct. 2014. First Asia and after that cycled from the Netherlands to Norway, did a road trip through the Baltic states and now I’m in Australia. I don’t have a home anymore, don’t have a job anymore, ready to go traveling. Sure I’ve some money to travel for a while but I want to go backpack cheap.

Every new country I visit I’ll support Kiva with another $25.

My motto of this blog:

Help other travelers, life is a journey not a competition!

Do you want to help other travelers with valuable information? Become a guest writer or promote your own travelblog!

Do you’ve a question?

In my freelance work I tried to help other people to get visitors and customers. I hope people will enjoy my story’s and pictures so they come back to my blog. When you’ve a question don’t be shy, just hit the contact button and start writing!

Oh and this journey and blog is also a way to improve my English, when you see mistakes….. everybody makes mistakes and so do I!

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