How to Add My House on Booking com

How to Add My House on

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how rent out house booking comYou can now add your house on as it has the perfect platform for you to advertise your property for leasing. At, you can advertise your property at no cost at all. No matter the location of your property, you can be sure that there is someone somewhere who needs exactly what your property has to offer.

Adding My House on

Well, this is pretty easy. To get your property listed on, simply follow these steps:

How to Add My House on Booking com

  1. Step 1) Click here and register on The first thing you have to do is to register on the booking platform. This would normally take less than ten minutes of your time. All you would have to do is follow the format provided and fill in the necessary information.
  2. Step 2) Review: After you are done with the registration process, your registration will be reviewed to ensure that you have given all necessary and vital bits of information which are required to upload your listing.
  3. Step 3) Access: At this point, after your registration has been approved, you would then be given access to your extranet where you can do things like update your calendar, set prices for your property, and adjust little details.
  4. Step 4) Set up: Now, you are good to go. It is now all up to you to decide when you are ready to publish your property live on

What Kind of Information is required to list my property?

If all you are doing is registering a singular property, all that is required include:

  • Your property details: The geographical location and address of your property will be required, alongside clear specifications of your property- the size, the number of rooms, available facilities etc.
  • Good photos: A photograph of your property is required, and as the saying goes, a good photograph is worth more than a thousand words. This is to enable potential travellers who may be looking for a house to book on the website to have a visual representation of what it is they are paying for. Make sure you photo’s are matching the real situation.
  • Payment details: There is no need to highlight what is required here, however, to fulfil all righteousness. You will need to upload your account details to enable the remittance of your earnings.
  • A signed agreement: This is going to be part of the registration process towards listing your house on It would be the last thing you get to complete during the aforementioned registration process.

Your information is private and is treated with care. Booking says you can be certain that your information would not be shared with any third parties.

How to Register Additional Properties within one booking account

Just in case you have to register more than one property, you do not need to fill in a new account for each property. Simply enter the details for your first property as stated above. After that, you would see a button on your extranet which allows you can add extra properties to your account.

Creating the Best Listing on Booking.Com

If you want your listings to rank better on, then you would have to be very precise and detailed with the information you provide the website. Note that the information you provide is what is being fed to potential customers.

  • Update Basic Information: It is advised that you be very detailed with your basic information. Be detailed with your name, e mail address, property name, property type, total number of rooms, your property website (optional though), address of property, and contact number.
  • Layout and pricing: This is actually dependent on your property type. You may be prompted to provide some very specific information such as: bed options, price per night be as accurate as possible
  • Facilities, services and amenities: You should also add some details about the facilities, services and amenities available in your property e.g. Internet, parking lot etc. These would have a good impact on the overview of your property. It could also be a primary determining factor.
  • High Quality Photos: In any kind of property based business these days, pictures are inevitable. Most people would rather see it, then read a long description of it.
  • Policies: You should make clear to your intending guests what is applicable and what is not. For example, you may make it very clear to your guests that in case of an emergency, there could be the possibility of cancelling any agreements reached.
  • Get good reviews: very important on the listings is the social proof that your property is in good condition and people liked to stay in your property. Invest in the small things and gestures, put a list of things to do around your property or in the city, a list and map of recommended restaurants etc, add a small welcome gift like candy, fruit or complementary water.

How to Rent My House on Booking.Com

If all you want to do is rent out your house to prospective guests on, all you have to do is to get on your extranet, select your calendar, in rooms to sell you must click on edit and choose the number of rooms you want to rent out ( in this case one). So you do not have to rent the whole of your property if you do not want to.

Why Use Booking.Com to rent out your property?

  1. Transparency: There are no hidden charges, plus, you get your money on time, and, there is nothing kept away from you. represents an open and transparent platform for your dealings. It’s as simple as they tell you it is.
  2. Flexibility: allows you to rent out only when you want, there are no hard rules. Therefore, only you can let it happen when you want it, and how you want it to.
  3. Multiple listings: also allows you list your property on other websites as well. What you do with your property is entirely up to you, provided it meets the minimum requirements for booking, and falls in line with its policies.
    Visibility: Even if your property is at the very end of the world, would make it visible to those people who need it.
    Now you know how to add your house on, go ahead and make chunks of passive cash.

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How to Add My House on Booking com