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Basics become travelblogger

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Become travelbloggerSo you want to become a travelblogger? In this list you’ll find the basics how you can build your travelblog. The most important thing of blogging is passion for the subject you write about. You dont have to be the best write, just make awesome content for the people you want to write.

Become travelblogger: my mission

My vision: write inspiration content for people who want to travel and valuable content for travelers. Beside that I want to give starting travelbloggers tools to become a better travelblogger.

1. Have a purpose as travelblogger

Know what you want to do and where you good at. Are you awesome with video? Make video’s Are you awesome with photo’s do something with photo’s. Use your qualities to create the basics and learn new stuff, improve yourself to become a better blogger.

2. Its not the idea, it is how you sell it.

Become travelbloggerTo become a travelblogger is not an unique idea. There are many of them and maybe better. The key is to sell yourself and your blog. Try to find a way that works for you.

3. Create valuable content

It is all about valuable content. Content that other travelers want to read or content that inspires people. Valuable content can be coupons, valuable information but also beautiful pictures, just content what your targetgroup wants to read!

4. Do interesting stuff as travelblogger

Become travelbloggerWhen you do unique and interesting stuff people will check what you’re doing and come back the next time. When you do the same as everybody else it isn’t valuable enough. For example: Visit Thailand or Tips how to visit Thailand on low budget. They key is low budget, lot of backpackers are going to Asia because of the low budget.

5. Write guestblogs

When you starts nobody know you. With writing guestblogs on different websites you can be famous in a certain niche. With a link to your blog or social media you can build an audience out of the followers of the other website. Check the benefits of writing guestblogs here.

6. Rock Social Media

Be good on social media, be pro-active and answer questions of other travelers. Participate online: For example on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram and forums.

7. Do your PR as a king

Become travelbloggerPublic relations are very important, let other people know that you are there and what you can do for them. Write emails to brands and other travelers to work with them. Focus on what you can do for them and get something back as exchange. Can be a product, attention, money and all what you can think of that is good for your travelblog.

8. Set goals and build your audience

Important thing online is to set goals and build your audience. When you set goals you can make actions to achieve those goals. When you set small actions it is easier to do achieve your goals. Even with a lot of small actions you can achieve big goals. Goal: I want more followers on Social Media. Action: Every morning I’ll answer 15 minutes questions of other travelers. Setup some goals and go for big results!

9. Search engine optimization always and everywhere

Become travelbloggerSearch engine optimization for travelbloggers is a long term strategy. When you get high in Google you get visitors who are looking for your content. That is the best you can get! How more quality content you got on your website how more people will find your blog by search engine optimization. Here you can read some do’s and don’t about seo for your travelblog.

10. Build an email list

When you build an email list you can email people so they will come back. Even when you got a lot of people on your list you can email them once in a while. They will visit your website whats increase your visitors and pageviews.

11. Professional networking

Become travelbloggerImportent is to network online and offline. Use LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to get easy new connections in your niche. Also visit offline events to network in your niche. When you travel you can make very easy connections you will meet people with the same interest everywhere.

12. Hire others to help

You can not know everything. For example the technical side of your blog. You can hire people for that. A lot of starting bloggers are exchanging and helping each other. When you got the money you also can pay them. Focus on what you’re good at and let the rest to others.

13. Personal branding

Become travelbloggerImportant is to brand yourself. When you’re online on a travel trip or event people have to recognize you. That guy or girl with the blog about traveling with awesome photo’s or activities. Make a profile how you want people to look at you. Act the way you get the right perspective of your audience but always be yourself.

14. Messure what you’re doing

Important is that you  know what the results are from the actions that you’re doing. Not everything is to messure, but the most online campaigns your can messure. So you can improve you actions every time and have better results doing less.

15. Have fun while blogging!

Become travelbloggerHaving fun is one of the most important rules. Don’t blog because you want to make money but beacuse you like it. When you can make money with blogging about things you like that is awesome! When you do it the other way arround most of the times the focus isn’t right.

Note: Its hard working

Work hard, play hard and write about it!