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Do’s and don’ts for a travelblog

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All good travel blogposts start with qualitative content. You can also say, valuable content for your readers. Think, what kind of content your readers like to read & share on your travelblog?


  • Focus per page or post on a keyword(s)
  • Write relevant titles and subtitlesDo's and dont's travelblog
  • Work with keywords in your text
  • Put the most important information on top of the page
  • Give your images a name like: so-for-travelbloggers.jpg
  • Create links to other post and pages in your website (internal linking)
  • Make sure your website is easy to navigate
  • Use tags in your blogposts
  • Make your website mobile friendly
  • Create relevant links to external websites in the content.
  • Try to get qualitative links to your website (from other good/ authorized / high ranked websites in your branche)
  • Try to earn relevant links on social media
  • Put social share buttons on your webpage
  • Check what your competitors do /use.
  • Use /combine different kind of content like images text, video..
  • Analyze your statistics and improve your SEO.


  • Don’t use the same keywords in different posts and pages every time.
  • Don’t overuse keywords
  • Don’t repost the full text of articles
  • Don’t only optimize for search engines readers are humans
  • Don’t buy links
  • Don’t link to low quality websites
  • Don’t upload images directly from your camera. (try to compress to smaller images. That will increase your pagespeed.)
  • Avoid links from pointless or trivial websites without relevance.
  • Don’t use flash
  • Don’t use hidden links
  • Don’t use hidden text
  • Don’t exact copy others websites content
  • Don’t wait to long with implement SEO
  • Don’t use intro pages
  • Don’t think your ranking will change daily

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Keep in mind

SEO of a travelblog is a continual process ranks are always changing and competitors will try to beat you. Do SEO serious and beat them 🙂

Note: Take care, when you do a good job and you see the results you can be addicted.