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Route Tad Jarou Halang – Tad Tayicseua Waterfall

How to get to Tad Jarou Halang – Tad Tayicseua waterfall? As Google sends you WRONG, this waterfall is hard to find. But for me the most beautiful waterfall I’ve ever seen, Im happy to to share the route! If you found him, please don’t be shy and leave a comment! Go to step one and start the route!

Tad Jarou Halang, also known as Tad Tayicseua, is a hidden gem in the lush landscapes of the Bolaven Plateau. While its secluded location makes it a bit challenging to find, the journey to this spectacular waterfall is well worth the effort. In this article, we’ll guide you through the exact route to ensure you can experience the majestic beauty of Tad Jarou Halang without any hassle.

Nestled in the heart of nature, this waterfall is a testament to the untouched beauty of Laos, offering an enchanting escape for those willing to venture off the beaten path. Follow our detailed directions, and you’ll be rewarded with the sight of one of Laos’s most impressive and serene waterfalls.

Yes the route on Google Maps, but this will not bring you to the entrance of the waterfall. Google tricked me in 2023, but due to the experience from 2014 I knew where to go. Don’t miss out. Feel free to take screenshots for your offline route. Please only publish photo’s after permission of the owner.

Step 1 – getting close!
Ride to these coordinates: 15.108108351095197, 106.5980534043508 (click the link or copy paste to Google Maps)

NOTE; Yes you can also take the other way what seems to be shorter. Although you’ve to ride longer on the dirt-road. What I not recommend.
The photo’s of the route to Tad Jarou Halang, also known as Tad Tayicseua are to instruct your from these coordinates.

Step 2 – Ride the dirt-road
Enter the dirt-road, don’t forget to smile and wave to the kids and people in the village!

Route to Tad Tayicseua waterfall

Step 2.1 DON’T take the wrong road.
Yes, if you add Tad Jarou Halang – Tad Tayicseua in Google maps you will find a small way that seems to directly take you to the beautiful Tad Tayicseua waterfall. Although from my own experience it will bring you in a bamboo forrest with a lot of mosquitos.

Route to Tad Tayicseua waterfall

Step 3 – Cross the bridge
Keep riding and cross the bridge -> and keep riding and riding 🙂

Route Pakse to Tad Tayicseua waterfall

Step 4 – Ride and spot the sign
Keep riding and spot the sign on your left hand side and go into that road.

Best route to Tad Tayicseua waterfall

Step 5 – Ride through the gate
You now almost made it! Ride little bit further to the house.

How to get to Tad Tayicseua waterfall

Step 6 – Arrive at the house – park your bike!
Pay entrance with a smile! – We paid 60.000 for both of us.

Step 7 – Walk to the path
Walk between the old houses to the path that takes you to the waterfalls

Step 8 – keep LEFT!
Keep walking the path and keep left. On your route you will find some dugged out stair steps, after keep left!
You now can probably hear the waterfall on your left hand side. Walk all the way down and enjoy the MAGIC.

TIP at the Tad Tayicseua waterfall; Watch the water damp and see rainbows in it. Such a magical place. I hope it stays this remote and quiet so and a lot of people can enjoy it as it is NOW.

IF YOU DON’T WANT TP SEE THE WATERFALL YET, don’t scroll further under this first image, want to know where you can sleep in this hut or in a treehouse? Click here for more tips around the Pakse motorbike loop 🙂

Pakse Motorbike loop accommodation

How to get to Tad Tayicseua waterfall

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