Pakse motorbike loop
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Pakse motorbikeloop Laos

The Pakse Motorbikeloop you can do it in two or three days. I advise to do the loop clockwise the most beautiful views and waterfalls will be in the second part. So you get more exited instead of getting less exited. (So I describe the loop clockwise)

Rent a motorbike Pakse (Miss Noy)

When you want to rent a motorbike for the Pakse motorbikeloop I advise to go to Miss Noy. They offer you a meeting in the morning before the start of the loop where they explain the Pakse motorbikeloop. What to do when you’ve a problem with your bike and al you need to know. Where to go on this moment, depends maybe on dry and rain season. You can call them always when you’ve a question.

Video of the Motorbike loop Pakse

Mr Vieng coffee and Homestay

On the first way you will find Mr Vieng coffee you, will see the sign at the left side of the road. You can also stay there for a homestay. There are 6 places available on the moment. And he will upgrade to 10 next year.

When you order coffee it will be fresh from their own coffee plantage. Mr. Vieng roasts his coffee in the wok and brew you the coffee. It is a nice first stop on the loop.

Homestay on the motorbike loop Pakse

For the most beautiful waterfall and place was the “homestay” at the loop. They offer it as a homestay but it is more like a guesthouse. They offer tents for 60.000 were you can sleep. (2 persons a tent) They have a nice accommodation to chill, eat drink beer and sit around the bombfire. The river is the shower and in the morning they offer Lao coffee in the morning sun. See the Pakse motorbike loop map, it is near the waterfall with the yellow balloon.

Pakse motorbike loop Homestay

Location / route of the homestay on the Pakse motorbike loop

At the yellow balloon is waterfall and the homestay.
Map of Pakse motorbike loop

I know were unicorns come from

Around the homestay guesthouse you can find several waterfalls. The first waterfall behind the homestay guesthouse was awesome! Pink little flowers, green grass, green banana trees and white water from a high wide waterfall. Around the guesthouse you can make a loop to the different waterfalls.

Pakse motorbike loop

Waterfalls Pakse loop

On the route of the Pakse motorbike loop you’ll find several waterfalls. You can find the highest waterfall from Laos, places to swim, nice views and even when you’re lucky waterfalls without any people.

Paksong Coffee JHAI

One of the best stories I heard in Laos so far is the JHAI coffee house and their program. They have a non profit organization helping 2250 families to get better prices for their coffee. They sell quality coffee know for better prices, the coffee belongs to the best 2% coffee in the world. With the money the earn they make new waterpumps, teach children about hygiene and build new schools for education. So make a stop try the coffee and support the families in Laos.In Pakse you will find them on the left.

Read more about the JHAI coffee

Cheap manchettes at the Pakse motorbikeloop

On the way back to Pakse you can buy manchettes, You can buy a machete for 30.000 kip ($4) or two for 50.000 kip ($6) They make the manchettes over there, so you can see the whole process.

Pakse manchettes

I hope you’ve also a nice motorbike loop near Pakse! Do you like motorbike loops, check also the Thakhek motorbikeloop.

Help other travelers

If you’ve more information about the Pakse motorbike loop for other travelers don’t be shy and post it below 🙂

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  • Reply

    Very useful information. Can I start the loop in the afternoon?

    • Paul

      Hi Fabio, yes you can, you can do it on your phase. Thats the best part of the loop and the freedom of hiring a motorbike yourself 🙂

  • Nathalie

    Hi there the homepage from miss noy isn’t working 🙁 do you have an email address maybe?

  • Mariusz

    Could you please give me any more details where can I buy mentioned machetes? I collect knives and that’s gonna be perfect keepsake for me (no matter how strange does it sound like haha). Thanks in advance!

    • Paul

      Hi Mariusz, This was on the way back on the loop, I think it was roughly 45 minutes out of town with the motorbike 🙂 I think when you ask a local and show them an image / video they know where to guide you. Have a great trip!

  • Zack

    Lao go car and Motorbike Rental is also good. Owner grew up around Pakse so knows a lot of things to do that are off the usual tourist track.

  • Dani

    Hi, just to add some comments about Miss Noy.. It is next to vilaysing guesthouse on the main road number 13. A friendship supermarket is on the opposite side. They have also made the road from Bane Beng Phou Kham to Paksong new. Have fun!

  • Dave Smith

    My friend & I will be in Pakse on January 23rd.  We had arranged a car & driver to take us up to see some parts of the Ho Chi Minh Trail near Xepon, Laos.  That arrangement has fallen apart.  So we are looking at other alternatives.  Following is our time frame:

    1/23: Arrive in Pakse about Noon, taking bus from Ubon, Thailand.  Drive up to  to Muang Phin.
    1/24: Travel to Xepon & sightsee.
    1/25: Visit War Museum, Muang Nong Bambo bridge and le Xanong river ford, Stone Ho Chi Minh trail, but drive back to Pakse that evening.
    1/26: Return to Ubon via the 0830 bus to arrive by Noon so we can catch 1405 flight back to Bangkok.
    Do you have an email address for Miss Noy so we could ask them about the possibilities of doing this on motorbikes & if they could help us?

  • Colleen Thornton

    Hey I’m so happy to have found your page! I’m about to do this trip in a couple of days, leaving for Laos tomorrow. I will follow your tips and let you know if there are any changes/updates. Thanks 🙂

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