Bus Pakse to Don Det 4000 islands
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Bus from Pakse to Don Det or Don Khon the 4000 Islands

In Pakse you can easy book the Bus from Pakse to Don Det or Don Khon the 4000 Islands. The ticket you can book for 60.000 (6 euro / $7.5) kip at every travel agency in Pakse. The ride will take around 2.5 hours. First we were in a minivan and after 2 hours we changed to the big bus. Make sure the boat is also included in your ticket, else you’ve to pay the boat as well when you want to see the island. (To Don Det 15.000 kip to Don Khon 20.000 kip)

Bus Route Pakse to Don Det & Don Khon

Bus and boat to 4000 islands

From Pakse you can book busses to different places on the 4000 Islands. Don Det is the party island were al the backpackers are. Don Det is the cheapest island. You can get a dorm for 40.000 kip and a bungalow from 60.000 kip. Don Khon is the most beautiful island of the two but also more expensive. Bungalows are available from 60.000 kip for example the costs are a little higher for food etcetera.

Map of Don Det and Don Khon

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  • Andres S

    Hi Paul!

    Thanks a lot for writing this up. I have a question about bus schedules leaving from Pakse to Don Det. Do you know at what time buses leave? I land in Pakse at 4PM and would rather take a bus out to Don Det that same day. Any insights on this would be greatly appreciated. Also, would I still arrive to Don Det early enough for the boat to the island?

    • Paul

      Hi Andres,

      I realy don’t know about the time the bus leaves. In my mind i have 8.20 AM or something like that 🙂
      You can always email a hotel in Pakse and ask them for the right schedule.
      Don’t skip the Pakse Motorbike loop wen you are there!
      Have fun!

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