Laundry scam Don Det
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Famous laundry scam Don Det 4000 islands

The laundry service on Dot Det is famous about their scams. The 8000 kip for the laundry looks cheap but they fixed the scale so one kilo is two kilo. And when you say something they don’t care. A lot of tourists will pay the bill and pick up their laundry again.

Ok, it can be one wrong scale so I checked several shops. My laundry is one kilo so thats easy. The first one my laundry weights 2 kilo. The second shop my laundry weights 1.5 kilo (with a 700ml bottle). The last shop my laundry was 3 kilo!

The laundry scam places on Don Det

The fourth and last shop was good and I did gave them my laundry with pleasure. The lady told me that she don’t like the other shops.

How can you easy check the scale?

Grab a 1,5 liter bottle of water, this is normal 1.5 kilogram. When that the scale isn’t near the 1.5 there is something wrong. Just go to another place.

Other things to do when you give your laundry

– Pay in advance.
– Ask for a receive with the note that you payed.

Note: I think this will happen in other places as well so bring a bottle and check the weight that will save you money on your trip.

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