Tubing Don Det 4000 Islands
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Tubing on Don Det – 4000 islands

When you are on Don Det that is tubing a nice thing to do in the afternoon. In the morning hire a bicycle and explore Don Det and Don Khon. In the afternoon relax in the tube. You can’t compare the tubing in Don Det with the tubing in Vang Vieng. The river is calm and there are no bars near the route. The costs to rent a tube is 10.000. (you don’t have to pay a deposit.)

Video of tubing in Don Det

Tubing in Don Det 4000 islands

The start is at the beach, the same beach were the boat drops you off to visit the island. You float down river to the right. In the beginning you’ll see a big tree on the left. This tree has a swing so you can swing and end up in the water. After that the most easy way of tubing is to keep right. The “finish” of the tubing is at the old bridge. It isn’t a bridge anymore but you’ll see i on the right. (big concreet frame.)

Make friends with your tube

When children are playing in the water at the old bridge probably they will ask you for your tube. Chill down and give them your tube for 15 min and you’ll make their day.

Don Det Tubing tip

When you have a camera, make sure the camera floats or strapped on something. Ive seen in Vang Vieng ánd Don Det that people lost their camera while they tubed.

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