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Rent Bicycle on Don Det & Don Khon 4000 islands

When you are on Don Det or Don Khon (4000 islands in Laos) you can rent a bike for 10.000 kip (1 euro or $1.20). With the bicycle you can cross the islands and bike around. When you rent a bicycle check the tires if they are good enough. Because the road isn’t that good.

Cycle from Don Det to Don Khon

When you cycle from Don Det to Don Khon that will take 25 to 30 minutes. When you are at the french bridge you know you go to Don Khon. After the bridge you’ve to pay the tourist fee of 35.000 kip. (locals will pay 5.000 kip)
When I crossed the bridge no one was there and I rode over the bridge.

Cycle on Don Khon

When you take the normal way (off the stairs under the bridge to the waterfall) it will be 1.5 km to the waterfall. On several places you can have the boat to see the dolphins in the Mekong river. This will costs between 80.000 and 100.000 kip a boat. But after the bridge I took the stairs down and cycled to the left the touristic route. I saw a nice temple, rice fields, bridges, broken bridges and fire but it was a nice experience!

Video of cycling Don Khon, Don Det and Si Phan Don waterfalls

Si Phan Don waterfalls Don Khon and Don Det 4000 islands

The most interesting place to visit on Don Khon is the Si Phan Don waterfall. The entrance is 35.000 kip. The Si Phan waterfalls are massive and come from all ways in to the Mekong river. At the end of the park is a restaurant and beach. At the beach is the current to strong to swim.

Si Phan Don waterfalls

Tip: In your basket on your bike you can drop a bottle of water. In a lot of places you can refill them for 2.000 kip. Instead of buying a new one of 5.000 and make more rubbish 🙂

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