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Best Muay Thai Gym in Chiang Mai

Step into the world of genuine Muay Thai fighting at Manasak Pinsinchai Muay Thai Gym, located just outside of Chiang Mai, Thailand. Managed by the legendary world champion Manasak, the gym serves as a pilgrimage destination for those committed to excelling in this ancient combat sport. What’s more, you’ll find former world champion and current ONE fighter Lisa Brierly training here on a daily basis, adding another layer of expertise and inspiration to your training experience. With the gym located just outside of Chiang Mai you can full focus on training while still enjoy the good things of Chiang Mai city.

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Best Muay Thai Gym Chiang Mai – Real Muay Thai

When it comes to offering the most authentic Muay Thai training experience, Manasak Pinsinchai Muay Thai Gym in Chiang Mai stands out. With its exceptional facilities, professional trainers, and a legacy of champions, it’s no surprise that this gym is often termed the best in Chiang Mai.

Authentic Muay Thai Training (7am-4pm)

The gym offers training sessions from 7am to 4pm, ensuring that you get comprehensive, authentic training irrespective of your schedule. Whether you are a beginner looking to learn the basics or a professional fighter seeking to polish your skills, Manasak’s meticulous attention to detail ensures that you get the best training regimen tailored to your needs.

Beginner Muay Thai training

If you’re new to Muay Thai, the Manasak Pinsinchai Muay Thai Gym offers a welcoming and nurturing environment to kickstart your journey. Beginners are guided through the fundamentals of the sport, from basic stances and footwork to essential techniques like punches, kicks, and elbow strikes. The training is designed to be accessible yet challenging, allowing newcomers to gradually build up their skill level. With personalized attention from Manasak and the team, beginners have the unique opportunity to learn the art and science of Muay Thai from some of the best in the industry. So, whether your goal is to get fit, learn self-defense, or eventually step into the ring, this gym provides the perfect foundation for your Muay Thai aspirations.

Prep for a Muay Thai fight in Thailand

If you’re looking to prepare for a Muay Thai fight, there’s no better place to train than the Manasak Pinsinchai Muay Thai Gym. The gym’s rigorous training program is specifically designed to get you fight-ready, both physically and mentally. From mastering advanced techniques and combinations to developing fight strategies, the curriculum covers every aspect you’ll need to excel in the ring.

Under the direct supervision of Manasak and other experienced fighters like Lisa Brierly, you’ll undergo sparring sessions, strength and conditioning drills, and tactical assessments to optimize your performance. These training modules are designed to enhance your speed, power, agility, and endurance, all crucial elements in a competitive fight. Plus, Manasak’s years of experience and intricate understanding of fight dynamics offer invaluable insights into fight psychology, helping you gain a mental edge over your opponents.

Taking your preparation a step further, the gym also provides opportunities to fight in some of Thailand’s stadiums. This not only gives you a taste of the real competition but also lets you experience the adrenaline and atmosphere of a live Muay Thai fight. It’s the perfect culmination of your hard work and dedication, giving you the chance to showcase your skills on an esteemed platform.

With such comprehensive and specialized training, Manasak Pinsinchai Muay Thai Gym ensures that you are fully equipped to step into the ring with confidence and skill. Prepare to give your best fight yet!

Private Muay Thai Training

For those who prefer a more personalized training experience, private Muay Thai training sessions are also available. Under the expert guidance of Manasak, you can focus on specific techniques, strategies, and other aspects of Muay Thai that you wish to master.

Muay Thai Camp Thailand

One of the most sought-after features of this gym is the Muay Thai camp. This offers an immersive experience that combines rigorous training with an authentic Thai cultural experience. Whether you’re preparing for a fight or just want to improve your skills, the Muay Thai camp is the ideal setting to push your boundaries.

Multiple Months Muay Thai Camp

For those looking to commit to a more extended period of training, there are multiple-month Muay Thai camp options available. These longer-term camps offer an in-depth look into the art and science of Muay Thai, allowing you to master the techniques that have made Manasak and his members world champions.

Muay Thai Educational Visa

If you’re keen on an extended stay to deepen your skills, the Manasak Pinsinchai Muay Thai Gym offers educational visas specifically designed for Muay Thai enthusiasts. This visa allows you to stay in Thailand for an extended period and soak up the rich culture of Muay Thai under the mentorship of a world champion.

Accommodation Next to the Gym

To make your training experience as convenient as possible, there are accommodation options available right next to the gym. You can focus entirely on your training without worrying about commute times, giving you more time to hone your skills under Manasak’s expert guidance.

Fight in Thailand’s Stadiums

Training at the Manasak Pinsinchai Muay Thai Gym offers you more than just world-class instruction; it opens the door to fighting Muay Thai in Thailand’s stadiums. With Manasak’s extensive network and reputation in the Muay Thai community, you stand a chance to showcase your skills in Thailand. Not only does this offer you incredible exposure, but it also provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fight local. Don’t miss your chance to make a name for yourself in the most esteemed arenas of Muay Thai fighting.

Why Train with Manasak?

Anyone that has trained with Manasak knows that his passion for Muay Thai and attention to detail are second to none. With over 300 fights to his name, Manasak has a distinguished career filled with accolades, including:

  • 🏆Rajadamnern Stadium Champion
  • 🏆WMC World Champion
  • 🏆Asawindum Stadium Champion
  • 🏆Channel 3 Stadium Champion
  • 🏆LionFight World Champion
  • 🏆IFMA Gold Medalist

Authentic Muay Thai Roots

Manasak is a former Pinsinchai fighter brought up by the fantastic Pinsinchai team—Aswindam, Pichit, Sancherng, and Kru Nan, among others. He retired holding the #4 rank at Lumpinee, as well as holding belts from Rajadamnern, WMC World, and more. Manasak has been a top fighter for over a decade, and his 30+ years expertise, and results of his students makes him one of the greatest trainers you could hope for.

Don’t miss the opportunity to train with legend at the Manasak Pinsinchai Muay Thai Gym in Chiang Mai. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned fighter, this is your chance to learn from the best in the field. Book your spot today and take the first step toward mastering the art of Muay Thai.

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