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Muay Thai Educational Visa
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Muay Thai Educational Visa Chiang Mai

Are you looking for a Muay Thai ED visa like I did? Let me explain a little bit more about how the process works.

Muay Thai Educational VisaAfter I trained Muay Thai in Chiang Mai in 2015 I knew I would like to go again but for little longer. Therefor I looked up the Muay Thai ED visa options in Chiang Mai and hope it helps you too.

I came across Chiang Mai Muay Thai School in old town of Chiang Mai to sort out the Educational Visa options for a Muay Thai Educational Visa 6 months or 12 months. They are very responsive on Facebook and email but let me explain a little here within a blogpost.

Photo’s in this article are taken by Chiang Mai based Gisely Esther Holistic Photographer

Couple of reasons you want to get an Muay Thai ED Visa

  • You are beginner and want to learn Muay Thai from the best
  • You are intermediate and want to improve your Muay Thai level
  • You practise Muay Thai and want to fight in Thailand
  • Want to become very fit within the period you choose!

There are multiple options to get an ED muay Thai Visa. I went for a trainingpack at CMMTG. Time of writing this article is december 2019 so the prices might be changed when you ready it but is a good understanding what you will get for what price.

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Muay Thai Legends Chiang Mai
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Train with Muay Thai and boxing legends in Thailand

Do you want to train with Muay Thai legends? The beauty of Thailand is the hospitality and the top sport culture. Muay Thai is sport #1 that makes Thailand a perfect place to train for kickboxing, boxing and MMA. 

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Muay Thai training Thailand
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Muay Thai Training Chiang Mai Thailand

One of my dreams is to train hard as a Muay Thai boxer. I’ve seen them fighting 6 years ago on a trip to Thailand. In Krabi I met Matthew from England in my hostel. He was laying on his bed often and I asked him why he didn’t went out often. He told me he did the Muay Thai Boxing training. Twice a day of Muay Thai training and that costs loads of energie.

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