Muay Thai Legends Chiang Mai
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Train with Muay Thai and boxing legends in Thailand

Do you want to train with Muay Thai legends? The beauty of Thailand is the hospitality and the top sport culture. Muay Thai is sport #1 that makes Thailand a perfect place to train for kickboxing, boxing and MMA. 

Train with Muay Thai Legends (World Champions & Olympic Champion boxing legends in Chiang Mai)

From experience I can tell the hospitality in Chiang Mai is great, the food is amazing and the activities are very variated. All of that combined with the beauty of natures is the reason a lot of Thai people come to Chiang Mai. Rural Chiang Mai hosts a couple of legends that want to preserve their style and teach to their students

Santai Muay Thai Gym Chiang Mai

Muay Thai training ThailandSantai Muay Thai Gym is based in San Kamphen just outside Chiang Mai and hosts beginner to advanced Muay Thai students. You can train daily basis with MOST trainers that were fighting for and trained by the famous Pinsinchai Gym in Bangkok Manasak Pinsinchai and Thailand Pinsinchai.

The absolute unique selling point of this gym is the focus on real stadium Muay Thai and the technique training. Everybody can work out hard, but the difference is in the techniques they teach. No wonder this gym has a proven record of multiple Muay Thai World Champions and rising stars, Deren Chen, Haylee Connolly, Poye W.Santai & Chuy W. Santai.

Read about my first time as beginner at Santai Muay Thai in Chiang Mai.

Muay Thai World Champions training / Trained at Santai

Muay Thai Legends Chiang Mai

Manasak Pinsinchai

Champion at Rajadamnern, WMC World Champion.
Muay Thai Legends Chiang Mai

Thailand Pinsinchai

Lumpinee, Rajadamnern and Thailand ChampionMuay Thai Legends Chiang Mai

Train with an Olympic Boxing Champion

When you’re into boxing, in Chiang Mai and want to train with an Olympic Boxing Champion, BBN Boxing Gym is the way to go. This boxing gym is managed by Non Boonjumnong the brother of Manus Boonjumnong (Former olympic boxer, Gold medal 2004 in Athens and Silver medal 2008 in Beijing)

When Manus Boonjumnong is in Chiang Mai you can get private boxing lessons at BBN Gym. Otherwise you can be training with his big brother that is daily running the training at BBN.

Buakaw Muay Thai Gym Chiang Mai

Buakaw is the former two-time Omnoi Stadium champion, Lumpinee Stadium Toyota Marathon champion, Thailand Featherweight champion and two time K-1 World MAX champion therefor Buakaw is a great Muay Thai champion and absolute legend. Buakaw returned to his roots and opened his gym in Chiang Mai named Banchamek Gym.

Do you know more legends in Chiang Mai?

Do you know more legends “whatever sport” in Chiang Mai? Please leave it in the comments to help other people to find this unique opportunities!

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