Canyoning Datanla Waterfall Dalat
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Canyoning at the Datanla Waterfalls in Dalat

When you are in Dalat you can go Canyoning at the Datanla Waterfalls. It is a daytrip including a good lunch. It costs $25 and starts at 8.30 am till 16.00 pm. The crew will take care of your safety and make some awesome pictures wich they share on there facebook page. If you want to do the Canyoning tour at the Datanla Waterfalls you can book it at Highland Sports Travel with the amazing slogan “Same Same but better”. When you’ve booked the tour and have some cheap shoes, bring them. Wear socks for the big waterfall and bring your underwater camera.

You will abseil from max 30 meters and cliff jump from max 11 meters. All the abseiling places are good to do when you listen to the instructors. The jump is just a moment. Fight your fair and jump!

Pictuces of the canyoning tour in Dalat

Video of Canyoning at the Datanla Waterfalls


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