Cycling to Milano
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I’m in Milano Italy!

Update #tourdupisa: This morning Marlies said goodbye so that was nice, im off for 80 km to Milano. I had t go early because i couldnt checkin between 15.00 and 19.00 and want to see Milano also. The road wasn’t that spacial today, on the border with Italy the guy send me trough with a little wave. But unfurtiantly 500 mtr across the border i was stopt by another policeman because i biked when the light was red. But with al lot of „mi scusi” of how ever you say it i could go further. The hardest part of this stage was in the begin so i made some fun in the middle and end of the stage. Hostelowner explained me some thing about Milano and public transport. For 4.50 euro you can travel 24 hours trough the whole city. I went directly to the Milan and Inter stadium for a tour. On the walk back i found two cellphones. Out of nothing a saw two nuns running they asked me if i had found to phones. Yes i did! Ive been blessed two times so nothing can go wrong anymore 😉

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