Cycle to Pisa
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Pisa! Reached my goal :)

Update #tourdupisa: All hostel are booked so i don’t have a choice, an hotel! No problem after 14 days of dorm rooms 🙂 Last night i ate something at the boulevard. Real nice to watch people. This stage i could see that the „tourdupisa” starts to be famous. At the side of the road girls with a lot of make-up yelled at me and give me loud applause. I arrived at the square with the Pisa tower and there was a nice party going on with girls kisses etc 🙂 After the celebrations at the tower square i biked to the camping place were the champaign was served and the beers tast like heaven!

Everybody thats for all the comments and likes!!

Now i’m going to enjoy the sun, see, beach and beer!

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