5 reasons travel Sri Lanka
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5 reasons why you should travel to Sri Lanka

{GUESTBLOG} During the last few years after the civil war has ended, Sri Lanka became one of the must sees on the modern travel bucket lists. That may seem to surprise a few people, as many might think it’s just like India but there are a few reasons why you shouldn’t skip this little island.

It’s located near India in the Indian ocean and you can reach it conveniently from Dubai or Abu Dhabi within 4 hours by plane. Read on for my top 5 reasons why you should travel to Sri Lanka.

Reason one to travel Sri Lanka

1. Sri Lanka has had a long-lasting civil war and was hit by the tsunami in 2004. Because of that, tourism is still growing and not as big as in other places like Thailand or Bali. That implicates a few different points: you can have a more real, unspoilt travel experience, especially if you go towards the lesser developed regions on the east coast or in the north and you can travel cheap for around 15-20$ per night plus 5-10$ for food. Transportation is basically free as you will never pay more than 2-3$ for bus or train.

5 reasons travel Sri Lanka

Reason two to travel Sri Lanka

2. Sri Lanka has a rich cultural past with hundreds of temples, palaces and gardens. Let it be Sigiriya, the rock fortress one of the kings build on top of a rock 200 m in the sky or the Temple of the Tooth in Kandy, where you can find one Tooth of Buddha. It’s always great to experience the ancient history of another culture. If you go to Sri Lanka, make sure you don’t miss out on these.
5 reasons travel Sri Lanka

Reason three to travel Sri Lanka

3. The beaches. Don’t go there first, otherwise you will have a hard time leaving them and you will miss out the temples I mentioned above. Seriously, Sri Lanka has some of the most amazing beaches in the world. There is the north-east coast with the untouched beaches where you can watch the Tamils fishing. Then there is Arugam Bay, an awesome village with surfers from all around the world. You will find different surf spots here which will serve the absolute beginner like us or the pro. And there are the beaches in the south, small and hidden gems, some half hidden between the rocky coast.

5 reasons travel Sri Lanka

Reason four to travel Sri Lanka

4. Have you ever thought about hiking in Sri Lanka? Well, you should! The hills in central Sri Lanka go as high as 2500m and the temperatures here are perfect for trekking, climbing and wandering around. You will enjoy vast tea fields, rocky climbs and beautiful flowers. We did some hikes in Ella, you can read more about that on our blog.

5 reasons travel Sri Lanka

Reason five to travel Sri Lanka

5. The food: As some other Asian countries, Sri Lanka offers a vast vegetarian cuisine with numerous vegetarian curries and dal. Mix this with the local fruits and you will have some healthy meals every day. Don’t forget the roti – it’s delicious.

You can read more about Sri Lanka on our travel blog 2trvlrs.com and follow our adventures all around the globe via Instagram or Facebook.

All the best, Theresia & Dave

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