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Backpacker and absorbent diapers

Sounds strange right? There is nothing wrong with me and my little friend down there but in my backpack I carry 6 absorbent diapers. Why? A friend of my gave me the tip just for my depart. So I bought 6 diapers at the HEMA shop. (7.50 euro)

Now I’ve 6 of them in my backpack and I use one of them everyday let the diaper dry and put the diaper in my laundybag. I use them as towels and dry myself with them after a shower! In stead of 2 normal towels I can carry 6 towels or leave some at home and just put more in my backpack. I know there are small “traveltowels” but I don’t like them! And at the beach? I’ll buy a sarong or just a normal cheap towel. (some hostels have towels included so thats also an option)

Other strange stuff in my backpack?

I don’t think so, maybe serveral washnets. I put my clothes in them in stead of plastic bags. Advantage of the washnets: you can see whats inside the nets, you clothes can breathe. (1.99 euro for 3)

Do you’ve more tips? Share them beneath 🙂

Backpack tips

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