Bungeejump Chiang Mai
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Bungeejump Chiang Mai Thailand

Waaowww, I dit my first Bungeejump in Chiang Mai! Is was on my Bucketlist for at least 15 years. Now I did it. Still can’t believe it without seeing the video.

Bungeejump Chiang Mai Thailand

We were picked up at our hostel at 13.30 with a nice minivan with aircon. The ride is about 30 minutes from Chiang Mai to the Bungeejump place. At arrival we had to fill in the forms that we are responsible for our self etc. Check our weight and choose the jump.

Bungeejump Chiang Mai

The Bungeejump!

Who wants to go first? OK I can do that I thought. So they fixed my feet and checked my weight again. Jump jump jump to the platform and they check everything another time double. Let’s go. Than you go up, higher and higher. And at the final destination (sounds good right) it was freaking high. It was unnatural to jump out of the basket.

But face your fears and go for it was what is was thinking. The jump and the feeling! AWESOME! When you get up you try to show your thumbs for the photo but that is hard enough. I sure i’ll jump again somewhere in the world! I’was smiling at least 10 minutes of the adrenaline 😀

Photoserie of the bungeejump

Video of the Bungeejump in Chiang Mai

Different options Bungeejump Chiang Mai

  • 2000 baht Bungeejump + T-shirt + Bungeejump Certificate
  • 2000 baht Bungeejump + 40 digital photo’s + Bungeejump Certificate
  • 2100 baht Bungeejump + DVD movie + Bungeejump Certificate
  • 2300 baht Bungeejump + T-shirt + 40 digital photo’s + Bungeejump Certificate
  • 2400 baht Bungeejump + T-shirt + DVD Movie + Bungeejump Certificate
  • 3000 baht Bungeejump + T-shirt + 40 digital photo’s + DVD movie + Bungeejump Certificate ánd the second jump is free. (same person)

Tip: When you do the Bungeejump you can choose to stay dry or go wet. And you can also to a tandem Bungeejump.

Opening hours Bungeejump Chiang Mai

The Bungeejump near Chiang Mai is daily open from 9.00 to 18.00 the kitchen closes at 20.00 and the bar will be open till late.

Location Bungeejump Chiang Mai in Thailand

Video Bungeejump Chiang Mai

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