Bus Hanoi to Sapa Vietnam
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Bus Hanoi to Sapa in Vietnam

When you are in Hanoi and want to get the bus to Sapa just walk into a travelshop or ask your hostel or hotel. They can offer you a busticket between $10 and $15. I took the sleepingbus at night. This nightbus will pick you up in Hanoi at 21.00 in the evening and you’ll arrive in Sapa at 6.30. (9.5 hour busride) The bus is nice and you have your own bed. Big luggage will be in the luggage space in the bus.

What to do in foggy Sapa

I arrived in Sapa at 6.30 and went straight to my hostel. It was realy cold an foggy. I asked my dutch friend in Sapa what to do. The best option is to go to the spa. The 4 star Victoria Hotel has a inside pool with sauna. If you not stay there the ticket will be $10.

Bus Hanoi to Sapa Vietnam

Route busride from Hanoi to Sapa in Vietnam

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