Circular train Yangon
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Circular train Yangon Myanmar

When you are in Yangon Myanmar a nice thing to do is the Circular train around Yangon. This will take three hours and costs 1000 MMK ($1) You will see the city from another perspective and outside the city you will see the country side near Yangon.

Buy a ticket for the circular train around Yangon

Go to the main train station in Yangon. You can go directly to platform 7. It is on the bridge side of the train station. You have to buy there a ticket directly on the platform. When the nice gut is behind the office he will tell you when the circular train around Yangon is arriving. (You can get out of the train whenever you want.)

Circular train Yangon

Local train around Yangon

When you are in the circular train you will see enough to fill a phonebook when youโ€™re home. Local markets, people selling stuff in the train. You can have conversations if you are open for it. Playing, waving and smiling children on the train stations. I was in the train just before the water festival and the kids already trow water to the train so take care when the real water festival is going on ๐Ÿ˜€

Circular train Yangon

Video of the Circular train Yangon

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  • sebastian


    one quick question, once u get off the train at any stop you wish, do I have to wait 3 hours again to get on the train to return ? thanks

    • Paul

      I’m not sure about that one to be honest. Maybe your guesthouse can tell you, the market can be a cool stop to go off I guess ๐Ÿ™‚

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