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DIY Cyclingtour Rottnest Island

Want to go to Rottnest? Do the the cycling Tour on Rottnest island. Rottnest is an amazing island in front of Perth. Rottnest is 11km long and 4.5 km wide. It is quite flat with some small hills. When you arrive early you got enough time to cycle arround Rottnest.

Video Cyclingtour Rottnest Island

DIY Cycling Tour in Rottnest Island.

I went to to counter for a pakkage deal. Bicycle hire, boat ticket and National park fee for 99 AUS dollar (66 euro). When you get off the boat you can start cycling and when you arrive back you can drop you bicycle there as well.

Cycling an sightseeing on Rottnest

On Rottnest the offer different cycling routes. Ride 1 is 4km (0.5 hour), ride 2 is 10km (1.5/3 hours) Ride 3 is 22km (3/5 hours). I did ride 3 and saw awesome bays, view, lighthouses and the pink lake. When you take your time it Is nice to go snorkling or fishing! Make sure you bring enough water and some snacks.

Quokka selfies on Rottnest Island

In 2015 the quakka got famous because of the Quokka selfies. The Quokka looks like big hamsters and when you have the good picture it even looks that the Quokka is smiling! It is not hard to get a Quokka selfie on Rottnest. Just approach them easy and they will be curious about you. Check the video how I made the quick Quokka selfie.

Quokka selfie Rottnest Island

Bus on Rottnest

If you dont want to cycle the bus is another option, you can hop on and hop off on the busstops.

Quakka selfie Rottnest Island

More todo on Rottnest Island

Different operators offer different tours. Her a list you can do.

  • Flight arround Rottnest
  • Snorklingtour
  • Thrill ride (fast boat)
  • Tour for seals, dolphines, Ospreys and Humpback Wales (sept-nov)

I just looked for the cheapest cycling tour and boatticket to Rottnest I could find. For me Rottnest Express was the cheapest.

Shoppingstreet on Rottnest

After your cyclingtrip you can go to the little shoppingstreet where you can find restaurants, bakery, supermarket, subway, souvenirs, museum, family funpark and more. In the little shoppingstreet they also offer free WiFi.

Location Rottnest Island

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