Motorbike tour Balkan states
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Motorbike tour through the Balkan States

Featured traveler: Today I was looking for some new inspirational articles to write and saw the motorbike tour of Jacob Laukaitis. In the past 2 years he traveled to more than 30 countries around the world and want to continue this lifestyle. Jacob is able to do this, because he is a digital nomad – As long as he has his computer and a Wi-Fi, he’s able to do his job and never lose his income.

Motorbike tour through Eastern Europe

Jacob is born and raised in Eastern Europe, but have never been to any of the Balkan States. So right after he came back from an 8 month-long trip around Asia, he bought a motorbike and left completely alone for his motorbike tour through the Balkan States. Jacob drove 8,000 km across 15 countries and it was one of the best things he has ever done.

Motorbike tour Balkan states

These are the countries he went through:

Lithuania > Poland > Czech Republic > Austria > Slovenia > Croatia > Bosnia and Herzegovina > Montenegro > Albania > Greece > Macedonia > Kosovo > Serbia > Romania > Hungary > Slovakia > Poland > Lithuania.

He skipped only two of the Balkan States: Bulgaria (because people told him it isn’t too interesting) and Moldova (because it would have been such a long drive the opposite direction).

He didn’t plan the route in advance and he didn’t even had a map. So he literally decide where he was going next every night at his hotelroom.

Motorbike tour Balkan states

The best of Motorbike tour through the Balkan States

Jacob isn’t sure what was the the one thing would call ‘the best he has seen throughout the trip’. However, he really enjoyed driving down the coast of Croatia; doing the best mountain passes in Europe – Transfagarasan and Transalpina in Romania; exploring the ancient town of Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina; checking out the the UNESCO heritage site Meteora in Greece; and so much more!

Video of his motorbike tour through the Balkan States

More about Jacob Laukaitis: He is currently focusing most of his time on building – an online coupons company he co-founded a bit more than a year ago. For more information what Jacob is doing visit his website

Motorbike tour Balkan states

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