Night Bazaar Chiang Mai
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Night Bazaar Chiang Mai

When you are in Chiang Mai you’ve to visit one of the highlights, The Chiang Mai Night Bazaar! The night Bazaar in Chiang Mai is easy to find in between Tha Pae Road and Si Donchai Road. When you don’t have a map just ask. Everybody knows.

When you stay at the city center of Chiang Mai you can go walk to the Night Bazaar. The name of the Night Bazaar for the local people is ‘Kad Luang’.

Shopping on the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

In the afternoon the streetsellers setup their stalls and when it is getting dark they all turn on the happy lights. It is a nice view. All the stalls on the street. The is started by Chinese people who wants to sell stuff. Now the Thai people sell their products on the market.

You can buy almost everything on the Night bazaar in Chiang Mai. From underwear to fresh icecream and from table lights to jewelery. Don’t forget to bargain! A lot of the nice products are coming from the little villages San Kampaeng and Bor Sang. They are famous about their traditional products.

Food on the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

I had my dinner with local thai food on the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar and as dessert I had a fresh made icecream!

See the video how the icecream was made.

Location of the Night Bazaar Chiang Mai

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