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Nightlife, Fontainshow & Birdmarket Xian

When you visit Xian a nice way option is to visit the Birdmarket in Muslim area. There are a lot of people selling stuff. You’ll see the weardest things like pills and even granates.

Barbershop in Xian

I needed a haircut so also in the muslim area in Xian I went to the barbershop. I paid 20 rmb for the whole treatment. Two times washing with shampoo the haircut another time washing with shampoo and styling.

Fonteinshow near the Big Pagoda in Xian

At 20.30 every evening there is a fonteinshow with lights and music. Nice to watch!

Nightlife and clubs in Xian

We visited the nightlife in Xian and went to the Salsa club. With two Swedish guys and Two girls from Germany. Just go dance and get the party started! Interact with them and every Chinese want to dance with you. Just start dancing šŸ™‚

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