Simple things that can safe your life while traveling
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Simple things can safe your life while traveling (and after)

Life is awesome right? If you want to get the most out of life you take care of yourself.

For a lot of us, traveling is getting out of our comfort zone and seeking for adventure. Discovering new cultures, food and stunning places is what we strive for. Parents, friends and family always ask if its safe to travel that certain country we go and say when you board the plane, take care of yourself. But do you really do?

Some of the dangerous parts of traveling can only be seen years after. Read below and if you have simple tips to help others write it in the comments.

Wear a seatbelt

Yes it is that simple! When entering a bus, minivan or car on your tips one of the most things are you seatbelts. Its your choice to wear it. But its an easy way to save your life. While traveling I’ve seen many accidents and its just a simple action.

“Unbelted vehicle occupants become “missiles.” In a serious crash, they can suffer secondary impacts, hit other occupants or be ejected. If ejected, they are 23 times more likely to be killed than those properly belted inside the vehicle.” source: Windsorstar

Wear a helmet

The discussion of hiring a motorbike without licence I don’t even want to touch but when you are on a motorbike make sure you’re wearing a helmet. Maybe you’re a phenomenal driver buit you never know what will happen Its a simple as the seatbelt but can be you a lifesaver. For example this story from fellow traveller Jacob Laukaitis who got hit by a drunk driver. There are a lot of way worse examples of people getting hit and die but in this video you see how grateful Jacob is still alive. (source: chapmoto)

Motorcycle Helmets Increase Chances of Survival by 29%

Condoms / Safe Sex

Doesn’t cost you a lot but can save you from a lot of trouble. People might think it won’t happen to them getting pregnant, getting a STD or making someone pregnant. Beside s the responsibility of a newborn the costs of a newborn are way higher than condoms. When you pickup the wrong STD it can make you sick, infertile and even can lead into the death. I saw this funny image while traveling and found it back on the internet.

If you’re try to survive another way condoms can be handy too!

Sun-creme vs skin cancer

Did you know that melanoma among young people is in the top 3 of most common forms of cancer? A sunburn (Once in two years) can triple your risk on the most serious type of skin cancer? A lot of people only know the short term problems of sunbathing. You get burned, it hurts a little bit, of it can hurt very badly but after days it will be gone. Sunburns can cause long-lasting damage to the skin what can lead into very dangerous skin cancer.

Negative trend Skin Cancer
Since the early 1990s, melanoma skin cancer incidence rates have more than doubled (128%) in the UK. Rates in males have increased by more than two-and-a-half times (175%), and rates in females have increased by almost two times (95%).

Do you want to check yourself on some spots now?
Check this website and app:


Just use your gut-feeling and brain 🙂
We all like adventure and exploring the unknown but for some cases you just have to follow you brain. For all the other situations use you gut feeling and keep exploring this beautiful planet!

More safe travel tips? Help & share them in the comments below! <3

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    After riding a motorbike for 3 plus years in SE Asia Paul I gotta say I went helmet free like 5 times. I am not kidding. 10 second rides up the road. That is it.

    • Paul

      I think thats fair enough Ryan. Well done! Probably you’ve seen a lot of things happening around you in those years as well.

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