Thakhek travel lodge
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Travel lodge Thakhek

The travel lodge in Thakhek is a nice place to start some activities around Thakhek.

Start Thakhek loop at the travel lodge

When you want to do the Thakhek motorbike loop from the Travel Lodge than you can meet people who did the loop before you. The bobfire every evening is the best spot to do that! There is a logbook with the latest information. You can also rent your bike there but to rent a cheaper motorbike in Thakhek you can go to the city.

Thakhek travel lodge

Rockclimbing Thakhek

The Travel lodge in Thakhek is a nice hangout for rock climbing near Thakhek. The rock climbing camp is on 12 km form Thakhek. So when you rent a bike you go easy to the Thakhek rock climbing camp.

Streetfood Thakhek

The city of Thakhek isn’t that big but they offer some nice things.You can walk it in 35 minutes. On the way to the city you’ll find some shops they offer clothes. The square at the Mekong river offers real nice street food. From bbq to hotpot and form sticky rice to different sweet juices.

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