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China as a backpacker

Wauw China! I’ll never forget you. When you are in China as a backpacker it is easy to travel. Trains, subway, busses and airplanes are good. The local bus is only one or two rmb. The subway is also 2 RMB. The long distance busses are not realy expensive and have good connections. The train is amazing. I prefer the hardseat for the normal and long trips (over 7 hours) and the hard sleeper for the real long distances. The hard sleeper is a bed and is sometimes better than a cheap hostel. I think China is a save coutry to backpack and travel. Hostels are cheap and the staff is nice. They want to help you with everything. Just ask for a note for the bus, train or other thing you need.

10 RMB is 1.30 euro

Chinese behaviors and activities

Just what I noticed on the streets in China enduring my backpack trip of four weeks from Beijing to Kunming.

– Scraping their trouth very loudly (man and women)
– Kids are peeing in the pit or drainage
– Smacking and sluping with meals
– Spit and puke in public
– Burping, nobody looks up never
– Toilets on the country side are sometimes open. (yes you can see eachother poop)
– Only the pink nail of a lot of Chinese guys is very long.
– They carry mega big phone chargers with them
– Boys are carry the girlfriends bag (filled with to much stuff) See here some more issues about that
– Smoke everywhere (and a lot)
– They don’t accept tips (One time they runned after me for $0.15)
– In the restaurant you can see how hygenic they are (A is good C is not that good. I tried a lot of C restaurants and never been sick of it. *knock knock*)
– They carry a radio in public play it loudly without earphones
– Wait in the line for normal things but for transport and touristic attractions they all try to get in front of the line. (No shame and just do the same)
– Try to transport everything on scooters

Last but not least
Chinese people are realy kind! They want to help you even when they don’t speak English. Give you food and drinks to try. Want to dance with you. Be open to them and they are very open to you. A lot of Chinese want to learn English and want to speak with you. Just be patient and there will be something nice! I had lunch with several Chinese local people those are the moments you’ll keep in mind.

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