Sunset Angkor Wat Bakheng Mountain
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Cycling to Angkor Wat and see the Sunset

Cycling from Siem Reap to Angkor Wat is easy and awesome to do! Just rent a bike. (you can rent one for $1 a day!)  Got to Angkor Wat and see the temple. After that you can see the sunset on the Bakheng Mountain. See VIDEO

Sunset at Angkor Wat Bakheng Mountain

When you’re finished at the Angkor Wat temple you can go to Bakheng Mountain to see the Sunset. It will take a 8 min. bike ride and a 15/20 min walk on the Bakheng Mountain. When you arrive you can find a spot to see the sunset. Proparbly you’re not alone 😉 So if you want to make real nice pictures or a timelapse go a little bit before the bunch.

Sunset Angkor Wat Bakheng Mountain

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