Happy pizza Cambodia
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Happy pizza Cambodia

Almost everywhere in Cambodia you can get a Happy pizza it’s a pizza garnish with cannabis. It’s a famous dish for travelers in Cambodia. Weed isn’t legit in Cambodia but in fact it isn’t a priority for police. In more, Cambodians use it for cooking or as a therapeutic herb.

Portions of the Happy Pizza Cambodia

The Happy Pizza is powerfull. In the most Happy Pizza restaurants you can order small medium and large. The happy pizza will be powerful. ¼ of a large is enough to spend 10 hours laughing. ½ of a large is enough to spend 12 hours contemplating the universe. A whole large…there are no words to describe that.

Best time to take a Happy Pizza

Because the pizza hits strong and lasts long the best to go around lunch, that way you have the whole day to enjoy. Your bill is about 7 or 8 dollars for the large pizza.You can also order more toppings then you pay more. In Cambodia is so much weed that the weed doesn’t cost anything extra.

When does the Happy Pizza work

It will take 30 minutes before the “Happy” takes effect, and about 2 hours before your mind enters a new universe. Use this warm up time to rest, chat with friends and wait until you start laughing uncontrollably and you can’t remember why.

Happy Pizza Cambodia Herb

Happy Pizza Siem Reap Cambodia

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