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How to go from Bangkok to Cambodia (Poipet border + SCAM WARNING)

How to go from Bangkok in Thailand to Siem Reap in Cambodia by bus and cross the Poipet border? (without paying for a scam at Poipet border)

What do you need for a brodercross over land at Poipet.

  1. Busticket from Khoa San to Siem Reap.
  2. 30 dollars and some bahts.
  3. One photo will be nice to apply on your visa (else you’ve/can pay 100 baht at the border)
  4. Passport

What to do for a Visa on arrival (Poipet) to Cambodia.

  1. Cheapest is a visa on arrival and go by bus.
  2. Watch out for Poipet Border Scams just follow the next steps:
  3. Buy a ticket at Khao San road 200 baht! (5 euro)
  4. Get in the mini-bus at 7.30
  5. After a ride you’ll end up at the “border”.
  6. Its a little office and they want to sell you a visa for 1500 baht. (don’t do it! this is the Poipet border scam)
  7. * Just say i’ll buy my visa at the border I want to go by bus now. The Poipet scam guys will put pressure on you but trust me 🙂
  8. After that border scam thing at the office they will bring you to the Poipet border.
  9. Go in line in front of the Thai exit. (check if you’ve your depart card)
  10. Walk to the Cambodia side and don’t accept any Visa offers. Follow the sighs (blue with white arrows) as on the pictures.
  11. After this you’ll be in between Thailand and Cambodia.
  12. Go to the immigration office and get your visa.
  13. Go to the arrival line, check in and get the stamps at the Cambodia border. (there is a fast option, you can pay 200 baht and just pass the line. It’s not legal but its a option.)
  14. Congratulations you’re in Cambodia now, have an extra beer! (40 baht)

Bonustip: You can go by your bus that you’ve paid. You can also (take or share) a taxi to Siem Riep ($30) I preferred the taxi because I could share it and I was fast in Siem Reap. Pictures of the bordercross at Poipet to Cambodia.

* Avoid / Prevent the scams at the Poipet border

When you arrive at the last stop of the Poipet border they will ask you to buy a Visa. (They say that you can only buy Visa’s online and will costs 3 days bla bla, they also want to bet with you for 5000 baht that you can’t get a Visa on arrival. But you can’t go back after you checked out in Thailand so you can’t pick up your money from them, and they know.) But don’t get your visa here if you want to safe money, or not get scammed (LOL). First checkout at the Thai side of the border. After that look for the blue sign with the arrows. (see image in top of this page)

Place where they try to scam you at the “last stop for the Poipet border”.  You’ve to come to ‘the boss’ who can arrange your Visa. Last time -> don’t do it.

Poipet border scam office

Photo’s how to cross the border by Poipet

Poipet Border Thailand Cambodia

Poipet Border Thailand Cambodia

Poipet Border Thailand Cambodia

Poipet Border Thailand Cambodia


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