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Local guide Siem Reap

When you need a nice local guide I can recommend Samon she lives in Siem Reap and speaks English! She can give you the real Cambodian local experience.

Because Siem Reap is more than pubstreet and Angkor wat you can book her and show you the city. In my opinion it is the best to do this on your first day, than you have the most advantage of the information Samon can give you!

She know where you can find delicious street food, and will lead you to the best hotels for your budget. She can tell you the best way to explore the various tourist attractions in Siem reap.

If you want Samon to show you around and lead you to the hidden beauties of Siem Reap, please don’t hesitate to contact her.

New phone number/WhatsApp : +855963244364
Line ID : +855963244364
Instagram: heusamon
Facebook: Samon Heu 

New email address:
New availability: from Morning until Evening

She is available everyday from morning until the late evening.
Moreover, Samon is happy about a remuneration of 10-25USD depending on the size of your group.

I hope you will have a good local Cambodian experience!

Review of another happy client of Samon (Local guide Siem Reap)

I spent a great day in Siem Reap with Samon. After I contacted her via her mobile phone she picked me up at my hotel. She showed me a local school which was quite interesting to see. Afterwards we went to the Pagoda and then we hang out in a cafe. Samon explained me many things about the life of the Cambodians here, about their values, their traditions and their daily lifes. She also gave me valuable hints about sightseeing here and how I can save money.

In the evening she brought me to Road 60, a place where the locals hang out. The street vendors sell their stuff there every evening to extremely cheap prices and the food there was amazing.

In the end she gave some hotel recommendations. I changed two days after and I have to say I got a much better hotel than before for less money. All together the day with Samon was awesome and I got so many valuable information. Definitely worth the 15 USD, especially considering that I saved a lot of money in the following days due to her information.

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